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Every day more fashion accessories are available in the metaverses. Are Swiss Watches the next big trend? Check out DWISS Watches!

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Switzerland is known worldwide for its ability to create exemplary precision watches. Founded by Rafael Simoes Miranda, DWISS has been making high-precision watches since 2011.Rafael Simoes Miranda has been designing watches since 2011 and has already won several international awards such as Red Dot Design Award. He is also a trained watch design teacher in Milan, Italy.

One year after its creation in 2011, DWISS won an International Design Award (IDA) thanks to its Niobium watch. Since then, DWISS has collected several other awards including:  IF design Awardn, Good Design Australia, European Product design, IDA Design Award.

Today, the young company has decided to innovate by embarking on a new adventure: creating a collection of NFT watches that will be available to use in the metaverse!

The DWISS NFT Watches

dwiss nft watches giveaway

With a community of 100k+ members on the social medias and mailing list,, DWISS recently created its Twitter account  and a Discord to be able to interact with this new community.

This community is the one that will help grow the fashion industry in the metaverse, and help create the first watch NFT. With a limited number of 10,000 copies, this drop will reserve several surprises and benefits for holders.

First, the holders will have the ability to claim the equivalent of $500,000 worth of products in the real world. Owning one of the NFT DWISS with a “diamond” characteristic will actually allow access to 200 physical watches (average price of $2,000). In addition, as long as the NFT is kept, a 15% discount will be applied on products in the DWISS range.

Regarding rarity traits, 5 are already defined. The first 4 will represent the primary elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. As for the 5th, this will be the element of dark matter. But there will be 3 others that can be decided by the members of the Discord.

It will be enough for the community to show imagination and build  the watch of its dreams in the metaverse! , Dreams that will be made reality by a conscientious professional in the industry..

What is the DWISS Roadmap?

dwiss nft watch

The first phase, construction, will consist of setting up the Smart Contract and the website page. It is also during this period that the first suggestions by  the community will be utilized to determine the three remaining rarity traits.

The second phase will have several elements: The promotion of the project to the outside, the activation of the presale for whitelisted users, the date of the public mint (0.1 $ETH) as well as the finition of the smart contract and the giveaway of 100 watches with the average retail value of $1,000 USD to the winners of the giveaways.

Once the mint date is determined, phase three can begin! First it will be opened for the whitelisted, after that the public sales. The time will come to reveal phase 4! This will also be the time for 200 holders to receive 200 watches with the evarage retail value of $2,000 USD.

Phase 5 and 6 will focus on the integration of watches into the Decentraland and The Sandbox metaverses. But also the possibility of having skins for smartwatch and integration in AR!

Do not hesitate to join the DWISS community on its various social networks to have the latest information on this project: Discord TwitterWebsite

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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