MakersPlace is auctioning the first Webisode created by Stan Lee

More and more artists are joining the NFT space, but this time, artwork from a legend are coming back to life!

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It’s no longer a surprise, the traditional art sector is very interested in NFTs today. Last year, other artists have taken an interest in this technology to distribute their work … such as former DC Comics designer, José Delbo!

Remember, in July 2020, we announced the arrival of this major designer in the NFTs space and it is undoubtedly thanks to him that so many artists have followed his example thereafter.

7th Portal Hero Male

It is thanks to the artistic platform MakersPlace that this feat was able to take place and on May 13, 2021, a new major event will take place in the NFTs space thanks to an impressive new collaboration: the first “webisode” ever created will be auctioned on the platform!

You’ve never heard of it ? Let us tell you its story …

World’s First Webisode

We are at the end of the 90s, at the dawn of a new millennium, and the internet’s possibilities are starting to be explored very seriously by more and more actors around the world. Being able to virtually access a growing number of services, all thanks to a tool that allows you not to leave your home… It didn’t take much longer for one of the most creative minds around to take hold of this new medium: Stan Lee.

7th Portal New York Times Comic Strip

The father of Marvel Comics heroes has therefore decided to create a whole team of super-heroes and super-villains who, thanks to their power, can interact in this new space-time.

Back then, the technologies available for the web did not allow for character animation as we know it today, but does it really matter? The very idea of using the internet to create an entirely virtual universe was the foundation of what is commonly called a metaverse today!

7th Portal New York Times Article

At the time, several newspapers like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and others covered what promised to be a revolution in the entertainment industry… until the internet bubble burst and that the project be abandoned.

It took 10 years before a collector decided to buy the Stan Lee franchise and all the associated rights to be able to spotlight these digital masterpieces which were in the process of being abandoned. And 10 years after that, the blockchain now makes it possible to give a second life to this collection so that it can relive with collectors who will recognize it at its true value!

The 7th Portal – Webisode 1 – Let The Game Begin

In order to be able to offer the best possible quality to collectors, it was Shirrel Rhoades who took care of the curation of the collection. Formerly served as the Executive Vice President of Marvel Comics and was handpicked by Stan Lee to succeed him as publisher of Marvel Comics.  Rhoades brings decades of experience in the comic art industry and collecting to curate this unique treasure trove of digital art.

During this auction, several NFTs of these works of art will be able to be acquired: the first webisode of the series The 7th Portal but also the different characters who make up this series!

7th Portal Heroes Team

We are therefore going to witness the rebirth of the first metaverse in Internet history thanks to NFTs … but also and above all thanks to the collectors who will participate in the auction!

This is a moment that could be described as historic because beyond the artistic aspect of these creations, how many uses can be imagined thanks to the interoperability offered by the ERC-721?

Get involved in NFT drop

This kind of event is rare and even if there is no obligation to buy, participating in it to know and follow the collectors who will obtain these different NFTs will be very interesting! Will the artworks be kept in the portfolios without ever leaving them? Or on the contrary, will these new owners want them to be exposed to as many people as possible?

7th Portal Hero Female

We can even imagine even better: will these characters remain static or will it be possible to interact with … in a new decentralized metaverse? Just thinking about it makes us particularly impatient and we can’t wait to see how this project will evolve!

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