Onboarding major artists to the NFT space

Today, the NFT art community is proud to welcome another renowned artist to its community: Jose Delbo! If you don't know him yet, follow us for his presentation in Decentraland!

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You don’t know the name of Jose Delbo? Let us introduce you to this artist and you will surely recognize some of these works, or at least one of the publishing houses for which he has worked!

Jose Delbo was born in Argentina in 1933 and has been drawing comics since the age of 16. It was when he moved to the United States in the mid-60s that he was recruited by Gold Key Comics and worked on titles like “The Twilight Zone” and “Billy the Kid”.

It was in 1969 that DC Comics opened its doors to him for 5 pages in “The Witching hour” and he would then work in 1972 on… Superman!

This was only the beginning of a long adventure for Jose, in 1975 he would continue working for Gold Key on the title “The Twilight Zone” but also continue the Superman series for DC.

He will then work on the more famous titles today, like Batman or Wonder Woman!

It was in the late 80s that he began working for Marvel Comics with Transformers and continued on this series until 2005. By 1991, he would have drawn one of the first editions of Spider Man but did not continue with this series, probably preferring to focus on Transformers.

You can find all of the works he has worked on or contribute directly on his website!

From Comics to NFT

From reality to the decentralized virtual world, there is only one step that Jose took by choosing Makersplace to host certain works there and sell them in an auction organized in Decentraland!

The sale will take place on July 23, 2020 and will include a 43-page digital comic book and a digital Superman artwork. The comic will be an edition of 250 copies and the artwork a unique piece. The theme of the works will be around darker subjects such as death and the coronavirus.

This step is not trivial, it is in our eyes a strong signal that proves that the sector is becoming mature enough to attract internationally renowned artists.

To continue to flourish, the NFT art community needs the involvement of “traditional” artists to gradually gain its acclaim. Artists like Jose who start promoting their work in this way open the door to other types of audiences and therefore spread this use to even more people! Also, going through a marketplace advocating decentralization rather than waiting for a well-known publishing house to do it is a very laudable initiative!

What are the opportunities?

jose delbo wonder women

Beyond the speculative aspect that rare or limited editions of certain comics may represent, what will be the possibilities of using the world of comics thanks to NFTs?

Obviously, a lot!

The first that comes to mind is a marketing aspect: imagine that your monthly subscription takes the form of a token in your wallet. Like MagNFT which sends PDFs regularly to owners of its “MagNFT Badge”, nothing prevents a comic book publisher from doing the same!

It will also be possible thanks to the blockchain to prove the authenticity of the edition of your comics. To avoid counterfeits, this remains the most reliable way today! For example, putting a QR code in the Comics will send the authenticity token directly to your wallet.

Thanks to the interoperability of NFTs, why not share your collection of comics in a metaverse library? Probably for copyright reasons, but with a fair and balanced remuneration system, everyone would benefit!

In addition, there are now more and more ways to “lend” NFTs, this could be a significant initiative for those who do not wish to speculate on an asset but simply borrow it, read it, and return.

We hope to see many of you at this event which will be, we hope, as significant for you as for us.

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