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The Blocklete Tournament Season is on!

Equip yourself with your best club, tournament season has arrived in Blocklete Golf!
Equip yourself with your best club, tournament season has arrived in Blocklete Golf!

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Announced during the launch of the game, Blocklete Golf tournaments are now launched! So far we’ve explored how to choose the right golfer as well as a more in-depth look at the team behind Blocklete Games.

Now that the tournament season has begun, it’s a chance to review the gameplay which has improved significantly since our first article. Thanks to the new terrain set up for the event, your Blocklete will be put to the test if you haven’t trained enough!

During these past months you will have had the opportunity to improve your Blocklete golfer by participating in training sessions, increasing your level of composure, accuracy, stamina and power. To be in the top of the rankings today, you have to be very lucky or not have let them sleep in your wallet.

The prices are attractive but what is the best strategy to adopt for this tournament?

blocklete tournaments

Season 1 

Tournament 1

This tournament ran from October 26th to November 2nd, but rest assured this is only the first in a series that will run until mid December and just the start of an eventful season!

The prize for this tournament was $200 which was converted into $ETH for the first 50 ranked Blockletes. No special conditions, the best score wins, and in case of a tie the first Blocklete to score wins.

blocklete in game 1

You may have noticed that the scenery has changed, if your technique was to send the ball hard to the floor to cruise to the target, you will need to rethink your strategy because there are now more obstacles such as water pools

But that’s not the only difference with the previous design, the field is wider and extends further. The farthest target but also offering the most points is located at 202 meters away, requiring a Blocklete with a sufficient power level to reach it.

With a field suitable for all levels of players, it is interesting to see the importance of the characteristics of Blockletes in successfully scoring points. For example, accuracy has a real impact on the direction the ball will take.

blocklete large targer

If the sighting circle is too wide, millimeter precision will be necessary during the ‘direction of the ball’ phase. If the arrow does not land in the center, the ball is very likely to go into the background.

Conversely, the smaller the sighting circle, the greater the reaction margin. This constraint is combined with the other, adding an element of pressure to the game.

This is the consequence of the stamina level: with each game, you will realize that your blows carry less far. This is due to using the energy required to start a game. The less energy you have, the less your stamina will be available to chain matches.

blocklete in game 2

To avoid losing those precious elements necessary for victory, a good strategy is to aim directly at the most distant target possible but you will need to try and retain your power from the first game to reach the target.

Without warming up, it can be a tricky exercise but for those who prefer to learn the terrain beforehand, you will have to wait until your energy is at its maximum to regain the full power of your Blocklete.

Upcoming tournaments and prizes

This tournament won by Proshot with 9,800 points (out of 10,000) heralds many more events to come. With a total pot of $20,000 for the entire season, the Blocklete Games team wanted to include all generations of Blockletes in this season:

  • Founder Golfers with Token IDs under 500, total prize pot will be $1,000 USD awarded in ETH
  • Crypto Kitty Golfers (Token IDs 502 – 1239), total prize pot will be $1,000USD awarded in ETH
  • Super Punch golfers (Token IDs 1465 – 1545), total prize pots of $150 USD awarded in ETH

Among these tournaments, we can’t wait to see what challenges await CryptoKitty Golfers. These Blockletes are a bit special as they all have the same maximum level of stats and started off with an extremely low base.

These golfers, the majority much weaker than the others, will not be able to reach very distant targets … So maybe you need to play with precision rather than force?

The final tournament that takes place in December is set to have a pot of $10,000 and will be distributed among the first 5 winners. Apart from these tournaments, there will also be a pot of $7,500 which will be divided between different events and announced as the season progresses.

So keep your eyes on the announcements in the Blocklete Games Twitter and Discord.

In addition to this busy season, Blocklete Golf has agreed to participate in the Play to Earn festival. The rules and prices are not yet set, but it is already possible to see the days when events will take place.

To participate in these tournaments it is necessary to have purchased at least one blocklete. Playing in demo mode will only allow you to familiarize yourself with the game.

blocklete target


This first tournament offers an authentic sense of reality that is more obvious than in previous trials, making the experience even more immersive. There is no doubt that there is future potential for adding many more constraints to improve the gaming experience, such as the rolling of the ball on a dune for example but what Blocklete Games has already completed is very impressive.

Turner took the crazy gamble of launching a game that uses blockchain and is now bringing back a well-developed gaming experience to their community. Have you played there? If so, what was your maximum score and what characteristics do you favor?

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