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Arena Golf becomes Blocklete Golf!

It's now official, Turner Sports is launching Blocklete Games! Initially, Blocklete Golf, previously Arena Golf, will remain the primary focus with a new collaboration challenge and exclusive prizes up for grabs!
It's now official, Turner Sports is launching Blockletes Games!

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Let’s step back in time in the year and come back to April 2020. Remember when we told you about Arena Golf and how to choose a golfer? If so, you must have had time to try your skill at hitting the ball ten times in a row!

If not, we recommend that you read this article that we wrote during the pre-sale launch. You will find tips to understand how skills interact with each other and what effects they can have on your environment!

To think it’s easy to hit the bottom target ten times in order to be the best in the leaderboards is to underestimate the difficulty of this game. Since the inception of the game the team has adjusted the wind strength, the force of the shots, the distance to targets as well as the “pressure”.

These small updates have made the game much more balanced!

Today, Arena Golf closed its pre-sale for “Generation 1” golfers. And to mark this new chapter, a new name is given to the game: Blocklete!

The Blockletes

The new Blockchain Athletes are now called “Blockletes”! Blocklete Golf is positioned as the first of the big “Blocklete Games” family.

Gone are the simple golfer, now it will be the Blocklete golfer! He will be waiting for you to level up him to improve his abilities and one day he will be able to train other Blockletes too!

blocklete golfer

To level up, you just need to participate in the events organized in the game! You had to be informed of the date of the event in their Discord and it took the form of a temporary challenge.

But don’t worry, later they will be available on the home screen! And make no mistake, it will take a lot of practice and dexterity to pass these challenges.

upcoming event

This could be, for example, getting a score of 5000 points after the 5th shot or reaching the center of the farthest target on the 3rd shot…

If you want to train yourself to understand the specifics of each Blocklete, you can try golfers from the marketplace! This will give you a better understanding of how the impact of capacities on the field environment works.

blocklete games logo

From Arena Golf to Blocklete Golf

This change in branding unveils a project beyond digital Golfing.

Indeed, Turner Sports has the intention to launch a whole series of games important to different sports in the world of blockchain gaming, under the umbrella brand Blocklete Games.

blocklete homepage

This behemoth of the sports sector has hid his game pretty well so far, but now that he is emerging from the shadows, what changes does this mean in practice?

The first of these is the announcement of a generalization of the sports they will offer. If you don’t like golf, never mind, Turner Sports has many licenses!

Whether you are a basketball, baseball or American football fan, it will surely be possible to have a lot more to choose from in the months and years to come.

The second, just as important, to see from a more global perspective: it is a new business of traditional sport to come and play on the ground of the NFTs! This news is not to be taken lightly, the more the “mainstream” world adopts this technology, the easier its democratization will be.

The team’s philosophy remains the same as since its launch: transparency, listening to its community, and focused on correct gameplay. The future of Turner Sports assets trough Blocklete Games offers us interoperability between the games they will offer, which will be expansive across their partners and licenses.

Ready to play with us?

To celebrate this event, we have made a partnership with Blocklete Game and we invite you to participate in a challenge! There will obviously be prizes up for grabs, but only the best athletes can get them!

If you want to get a rare golfer or skill points for your golfer, we open the challenge to all difficulty levels:

  • Achieve a score greater than 7000 at the end of your game in “Amateur”
  • Achieving a “pro” bull’s eye on the last target in less than 5 minutes
  • Achieve a score of 2550 in “Novice”
golf area

Only the first 5 will be rewarded, and if there is a tie only the speed with which you are able to complete the objectives will decide you.

The rewards will be as follows:

  1. An “Elite” golfer
  2. A “Pro” golfer
  3. + 5 “Power” medals
  4. + 5 “Composure” medals
  5. A “Novice” golfer

To your golfers… get ready… Go!

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