announces partnership with The Sandbox! announces an official partnership with The Sandbox, the game developed by PixOwl and Animoca Brands.


What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a complete 3D virtual world in which every player will have the opportunity to build an original gaming experience on terrain units called LAND.  The entire experience of the metaverse is based on user-generated content, which guarantees a unique gaming experience.

Developed by PixOwl and backed by Animoca Brands, The Sandbox has many years of experience in video game development from a recognized studio.

The basic elements of the game are:

  • SAND: SAND is The Sandbox’s in-game cryptocurrency. It is an ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, used throughout The Sandbox’s marketplace as the official currency to purchase ASSETS and LAND.
  • LAND: A LAND is the basic unit of the metaverse. Each LAND is sized at 96×96 meters in the game world enabling all types of game experiences.
  • ESTATE: An ESTATE is the combination of up to 9 LANDs in a 3×3 grid, which is the largest space to create game experiences.
  • DISTRICT: A DISTRICT is a huge block of up to 441 LANDS in a 21×21 grid. Owners of a DISTRICT will have special governance rules that affect all the experiences within.
  • GAME ASSETS: These objects (ERC-1155) can be of any form and adopt any behavior. They can be built by Vox Artists and VoxEdit users.

The game economy

The game economy is designed so that creators and artists who design games and game assets are paid for their artwork.

As a builder, you will need to acquire SAND (the game currency / ERC-20) which will allow you to buy LANDs at first, then to acquire assets to populate your lands.


Thanks to VoxEdit, the exclusive objects editor designed by The Sandbox teams, you can create all the creatures, characters, buildings, weapons you want! The only limit? Your imagination!!

Hundreds of 3D artists have already created the first objects with which you can start populating your LANDs with the $2 Million Creator Fund launched by The Sandbox.

The 1st Pre-sale

  • The 1st Pre-sale will take place on December 4th 2019. Edit: The first presale has been delayed until December 5th at 1PM GMT
  • 3,096 LAND (2.5% of the total to be sold) will go on sale at a fixed price of the SAND equivalent fo $28.80 USD.
  • No auction on the primary market.

To learn more about the LAND Token Economics, we invite you to read this article which summarizes all information on Supply, Pricing and the different Rounds.

Why buy LAND? Here is a beautiful infographic about how The Sandbox’s economy all ties together:


At, we are thrilled to announce our official partnership with The Sandbox and are convinced that the Sandbox experience in gaming can help the entire NFT industry to move forward!

To celebrate this partnership and the official launch of their Pre-Sale, we are co-organizing a contest to win 5 LAND !!!

Be among the first to own a Sandbox LAND by entering our Gleam contest!


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