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We recently sent our 50th newsletter! On the occasion of this newsletter we wanted to (re) present the content of our newsletter to those who would not yet know it.

Every Tuesday for 50 weeks now, we have sent our community a summary of the news on non-fungible tokens, centered around:

  • Market trends
  • Industry announcements and major milestones
  • Analysis to understand the changes in the ecosystem

Follow the news of the whole Non-fungible Token industry in less than 5 minutes? This is possible thanks to the 5 sections that we offer you every week!

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Our analysis of the week

Each newsletter begins with an editorial written by our NFT experts, who offer a quick overview of the past week, and offer an analysis of the main trends they have observed over the past 7 days. It is also an opportunity to read about major announcements of projects or notable market developments.

The weekly article

The newsletter is also an opportunity to present you an exclusive article, most often written by our expert in NFT experiences, Blockchain Gaming & Collectibles: Besancia.

Our articles give you the opportunity to dive into the most innovative Blockchain Gaming experiences, to have the full panorama of the NFT industry, or to benefit exclusively from our analysis of markets and trends. We are betting that you will learn something new every week by following this link to read our blog! 😉

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The NFT Press Review

Keeping an eye on an industry of several hundred projects, from art to technical infrastructures, including ticketing and blockchain gaming, is rather time-consuming. But don’t worry, our team takes care of that and monitors for you and selects the most important, interesting and surprising articles they have read each week.

Do not thank us, it is our pleasure to keep you informed!

The week in figures

We know that you are already diligently following our weekly stats published on Twitter every Tuesday, and know that for those who do not have the reflex (or not the time) to go to Twitter to consult these statistics, we will send them to you directly in your mailbox (condensed version) every Tuesday!

As a reminder, we publish on Twitter weekly the Top # 10 of projects by:

  • Transactions volume
  • Active addresses
  • USD transferred
  • (Coming soon) Market makers
  • (Coming soon) USD sold
  • (Coming soon) Currencies used

These weekly reports allow you to follow the evolution of the main ecosystem interactions and markets in relation to each other. The evolution from one week to the next is systematically specified.

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The most expensive assets sold last week

Finally, for collectors and curious, our newsletter offers you to find the 2 most expensive sales of the week each week. Are you one of the happy sellers or buyers of these wonders? Feel free to come and say Hi! on our Discord to chat with the team!


Whether you are at the head of an NFT project, a private or institutional investor, a relentless collector or a curious person who has just discovered the word non-fungible tokens, you should find in our weekly newsletter the condensed information to evolve serenely in this dynamic ecosystem!

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