The new is here! was born in March 2018. Less than a year after, the website has a brand new look and announces 2019 as a tremendous…

Zoup2019-01-02 was born in March 2018. Less than a year later, the website has a brand new look and anticipates 2019 as a tremendous year! The team worked hard to improve performance, ergonomics, and design improvements to provide a more user-friendly experience on the site.

Our goal is to allow neophytes to discover this ecosystem while continuing to offer powerful market analysis tools to our advanced users.

The reason for this new version?

We wanted to build a website able to carry our ambition:

Become the main reference for information and market analysis on NFT projects.

The design and ergonomics of the website play a vital role in its ability to become mainstream. This is why we proposed this complete redesign. We worked with UI and UX designers in order to propose a graphical interface and ergonomics which facilitate the navigation, and which is also scalable for a very large number of projects.

The navigation should allow our users to find the projects they are looking for in few clicks, but also encourage serendipity by discovering new promising projects.

Optimized performances

This new version carried a deep back-end rebuild and optimization. With a fully-synchronized Ethereum node, a brand new infrastructure, and some magic here and there. :)

This new backend has enabled two essential things for our users:

  • pages are now loading up to 2.5X faster
  • the ability to list new projects faster and more efficiently
  • the ability to add new roadmap features quickly

A dedicated news section

The site now offers a homepage focused on content, information and news. Our goal is to inform our audience about the projects they are looking for but also to introduce promising new projects every day.

Whether you are an expert or just a newbie, will gather all the information needed to follow and understand the evolution of the ecosystem.

Advanced search features

This was probably the most expected features: Each project provides advanced search features to find specific transactions based on precise criteria. Search performance has been upgraded and the backend is prepared to provide even more granular search capabilities in the near future.

Listing new projects


With the perfect technical and functional framework, we are now able to list new projects much more efficiently and quickly. We have already received a large number of listing requests and have begun to study each application for the upcoming addition to the site.

In 2019, we will regularly add new projects to the platform. Of course, any project addition will be the subject of an in-depth analysis by our teams, in order to propose only real, innovative, and promising project qualification.

Any potential, supposed, or obviously “scammy” project will be automatically rejected by our teams.

If you want to be part of the journey in 2019 and get your project listed, fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon: Fill the form here

This was just the beginning…

We still have some very nice updates in 2019:

  • Premium features will be released soon
  • Exclusive partnerships are on the track
  • will attend major Blockchain & NFT events around the world
  • And many other things…

Be part of family!

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  • Discord to talk with our team and community.
  • Twitter to follow the latest news about NFTs.
  • Medium to discover more market analysis and NFT articles!

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