v2.1: New design, new features!

Overview of our newly imagined user experience and features to support greater community engagement.


In the blockchain gaming industry, design and user experience are often overlooked – this is part of an ongoing trend where majority of blockchain users are technical insiders. In order to break out of this norm and into a more user-friendly and accessible future for NFT, we all need to lead the way. We are constantly working to improve the usability and aesthetic of our solutions and today is no different!

Header instead of a sidebar

One of the most requested changes has been to remove the sidebar. While there was always the option to close the sidebar, this should have been the default. We’ve transformed the top-bar into the primary navigation area using a slim design to maximize usable screen space. We’ve removed the default sidebar and show a menu icon in the upper left corner when the navigation bar cannot fit all the buttons.

Universal project search

In an effort to focus on bringing more visibility to different projects we have reimagined our project search, Now, you can search for projects universally, from anywhere on the website! A big change to how we list, display, and showcase projects on our website is coming. This new focus will help bring visibility to less-known projects.

Paginated market overview

We now showcase all projects we list on the market overview via pagination and sorting! We believe this will provide better visibility to all the projects we list and also provide sort by different key metrics.

Blog engagement

At the end of every blog post you’ll now find a Disqus comment section where we can chat about the article. This is part of an ongoing effort to raise activity and engagement in the NFT community. What parts of the article do you agree with? Which parts don’t you agree with?

Rich links

We’ve added support for rich links to every blog post – share the URL with friends and a small preview of the article should be loaded automatically on most social platforms.

Progressive Web App

We realize that most users are accessing the web today from mobile devices and this update brings us closer to an industry standard of web development. Now when you visit from your mobile device you will be prompted to install as a PWA (progressive web app).

PWA works offline! You can always come back to show friends, family, and coworkers the last thing you were observing, whether you have a network connection or not!

This is the beginning of a new era for where we are aiming to provide a “mobile-first” platform to our users.

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