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From Pixel to Block: Forgotten Artifact

If you’re feeling the soul of an adventurer who like to crawl in endless levels of dungeons and battle against waves of monsters, you came to the right place!


Do you remember that article I wrote about Enjin a while ago? I mentioned Forgotten Artifact as a concrete example of an accessible video game that allows you to win NFTs while playing.

Today we want to focus on this game because since its release, there have been many evolutions and updates!

Technical Introduction :

Style: Hack’n’Slash
Blockchain: Ethereum
Platform: PC and MAC
Standard: ERC-1155


When the game was launched, you started directly in a dungeon and there was only one mission available: surviving on different floors of the dungeon hoping to get NFTs by opening the vaults in your way.

At the end of each floor, you had a choice:

  • Open the Blue Door: This allowed you to exit the dungeon to retrieve rare or higher level NFTs to see them arrive in your wallet. or;
  • Open the Red Door: It allowed you to go to the upper floor and try to retrieve rarer items.

Since then, there have been a lot of changes.

Now you start in a city and the choice of character and weapons is no longer made on the title screen but, on the main square. If you wander around, you can chat with NPCs (Non-Player Characters, characters controlled by an Artificial Intelligence) who offer you quests.

These quests are very simple: find a certain number of items (weapons or materials) in order to obtain rarer ones as a reward. They are all enabled by default but some of them have limited rewards.

The first direction to take will be towards the East of the city to enter your first dungeon!

As a reminder: it is necessary to have “Adventure Stones” in order to start the dungeons. They cost $5 to get 10 stonesStandard from the shop.

Drops – Weapons and items

The game leaves you only 4 slots to store the items you find along the way. You will therefore have to choose carefully what you take or not with you to continue your adventure.

The starting weapon is equipped in a dedicated slot, so you won’t have to worry about that.

There are several types of items that you will be able to pick up on your journey:

  • Mana or Life Potions: Essential for survival, you can consume them immediately or store them in your inventory. They will not be sent to your wallet when you leave the dungeon.
  • Neutral” objects: completely useless except for weapons so that you don’t have to fight with your bare hands. They will not be sent to your wallet when you leave the dungeon.
  • Rare and superior objects: Recognizable by a sound when you find them as well as by their color (blue, green, yellow, orange…). These items land directly in your wallet when you exit the dungeon.

Among the drops, there are two types of objects you can get: Materials and weapons. For weapons, their use is very simple: shooting at a distance with bows or close combat with other weapons (axes, swords…). As for the materials, you guessed it, they are meant to be traded in quests in order to obtain “Adventurer Stone” or weapons!

In the early versions of the game, it was only possible to get NFTs and potions by opening the crossed chests along the way. Today it is possible to obtain NFTs and materials by opening the vaults AND killing the monsters. It is also possible to find potions by destroying the scenery!

Outfits and pets

For the moment, the costumes that you can buy from the official store or get from other sites have mainly an artistic value (for the moment).

The pets, which you can get from other projects (like Kriptomat or Nestable for example, the list is here) will be used to help you break up elements of the scenery during your adventure.

Be aware that every purchase you make from the awning will serve to encourage Cliff Cawley, the game’s creator-programmer-designer-artist.

Pros and cons

Let’s start with the “pros”:

  • Alpha: you don’t have to pay to test the game anymore! You will find this dungeon on the west side of town to familiarize yourself with the game. And maybe an Adventurer Stone…
  • Game design: Compared to the first versions of the game, the levels of the dungeons have been improved for the better! The small details (destructible decor, stairs, new rooms…) they have their importance. Each dungeon consists of 4 floors where it is only possible to go out at the end of the 4th floor.
  • Compensation: The rewards were one of the first features of the game. That’s why you’ll notice if you take a look at the list of available items that some of them are now out of stock.
  • Choice of Equipment: The choice of avatar does not limit your choice of weapon.
  • Visuals: The game since its launch has had very nice graphics! Small additions (light, textures) have been made over time.

And although minor, the “cons”:

  • “Adventurer Stone”: These stones are essential for starting NFT reward dungeons. They can be obtained in the training dungeon, but it will take a long time before you get one. Knowing that your inventory is limited to 4 items, you’ll have to be very patient if you don’t want to spend money in the game…
  • “Hit Zone”: It can be frustrating to click next to the monster and walk towards it instead of typing it. It is therefore necessary to be quite precise when attacking and it can quickly become confusing when a lot of enemies attack you!


If you enjoy Hack’n’Slash games, Forgotten Artifact is for you! This is probably one of the most promising games stamped by Enjin and clearly deserves a look. 

As soon as you register, everything is explained step by step to connect your Enjin portfolio to your account, so this is not really a technical limitation.

As soon as it was released, I already had a few weapons from the Enjin multiverse to move quickly through the stages, but it didn’t take me long to get better ones. While replaying it today I still encountered difficulties to finish the second dungeon in spite of my equipment.

I conclude that the game is balanced enough to force you to develop your escape skills when you have to fight your way through the floors! Moreover, this is a PvE (Player vs Environment) game, you will only have to fear stronger players when you have to rank in the events organized in the game.

For a pre-alpha game, it already seems to be well done but may need to be changed regularly. So your gaming experience won’t be definitive, but we hope it will be a good one!

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