Blockchain Cuties listed on NonFungible!

Blockchain Cuties, one of the most popular blockchain games is now listed on! We offer one unique Cutie for this occasion!


Do you know Blockchain Cuties? Have you ever fallen in love with these adorable little critters?

Blockchain Cuties is currently one of the most popular blockchain games in the world. To celebrate the project listing, NonFungible and Blockchain Cuties join forces to offer an exclusive and unique Cutie in the colors of!

What is Blockchain Cuties? How does it work?

Blockchain Cuties is a collectible game with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other creatures. The purpose of the game is to collect them, breed, send them in adventure or fight a boss.
You can try the gameplay with this Tutorial pet when you register for the game!

You will have to buy your first Cuties to be able to play but one of the advantages is that the game is supporting Ethereum, EOS, TRON and recently, the NEO Blockchain!

You have the choice to adapt your strategy depending on the gameplay you prefer:

  • Sending them in an adventure will give you a chance to get loot (potions, Paw Coins or some equipment to upgrade your Cutie’s characteristics) and some XP. Some of the adventure will be focused on specific elements (Wind, Leaf, Water, Spirit…) so you better choose wisely the Cutie you want to send! Otherwise, watch out for the level required to finish the adventure… You don’t want your Cutie to lose a battle against a stronger monster.
  • Fighting a boss will grant you better rewards but you will need minimum level Cuties before sending them to battle. Run through some adventures first to get some gear and XP, or buy a strong Cutie on the market if you’re on a rush

The more you explore, trade Cuties or items, collect, equip your cuties, the more Achievements you’ll unlock to earn special awards. 

If you want, you can transfer a Cutie to another blockchain but you’ll have to connect the wallet to your account before doing so!

If you’re looking for more detailed tips about the gameplay, we really recommend you to take a look at their Wiki

What does it mean to get listed on

But what does it bring to be listed on Just one more listing? No, not exactly.

Being listed on means:

  • Join a community of thousands of users
  • Be part of the in-depth analysis provided by NonFungible, and the NFT Yearly Report produced by our teams
  • Open up its market to greater transparency, enhance gaming experience versus speculation

How to win the Unique NonFungible Cutie?

To celebrate this listing, Blockchain Cutie has created a unique, exclusive Cutie, which will never be minted again.

We offer you the opportunity to win this unique Cutie! To do this, you just have to enter the contest this week, the steps are very simple:

  • Enter your Ethereum Wallet Address
  • Connect to the game with the same address
  • Complete the various actions described in the contest


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