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20 ETH NFT mascot challenge: Voting validation

NFT Mascot contest is extended by one week. Vote and get a chance to win 2 000 MANA.


This article is part of the contest for the mascot NFT which started a month ago.

If you missed the beginning of the adventure, we invite you to read this article which details the mechanics of the contest:

Let’s build the NFT mascot! And win 20 ETH… organizes from April 29 to May 26 the first competition to imagine and design a mascot for the…

Our goal

Now that we are progressing to the 3rd and final NFT mascot voting phase, we thought it would be appropriate to explain to the community how we selected the top 5 eligible artwork based on the votes we received.

To accomplish this we should start off by reiterating our goals and purpose of the competition. The goal of the competition was to have the community submit a library of NFT mascots that anyone, anywhere, is free to use, modify and redistribute without restrictions as well as give the artist of the artwork that is most adored by the community a large prize for their support and dedication to the NFT community.

The vote was meant to be cast by genuine support of the favourite mascot and not because one submission offered more incentive to vote on their artwork, or because someone sent a spam email to their entire office asking them to vote on a specific mascot.

Our methodology

We have included a number of metrics that have influenced our decision, detailed below:

Duplicate IP votes are split proportionally — if one IP voted 20 times, each vote is worth 0.05 vote.

The art with the most duplicate votes had 96 duplicate IP votes, 84% of their total votes. Followed by 69 duplicates at 76%, followed by 42 at 60%.

Votes from known proxy IPs are disqualified.

We had over 200 votes from known proxy IPs, over 25% of the total votes cast.

Votes which took less than the average time are weighted less to combat targetted voting.

The most targeted mascot had over 50% of their voters take less than 30 seconds to decide, the average among valid votes is 3m 19s.

Rules of the extended voting phase

According to this strategy, the voting phase has been extended by one week, from 27 May to 02 June.

This extended voting phase will again submit to the public vote the 5 mascots who received the most valid votes (according to the criteria indicated above).

The same rules will be applied for the extended voting phase, to avoid spamming and duplicated votes.

One of the voters for the final winning mascot, during this extended voting phase, will be randomly picked to win a 2 000 MANA bonus reward.

> Vote now and get a chance to win 2 000 MANA.


Using a combination of these metrics it is easy to identify and disqualify submissions who regularly acted in bad faith, and it is also easy and apparent who the top 5 globally loved mascots are without question. Stay tuned for the big reveal of the final 5 contenders!

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