S1 2020 – Art, Trading Card Games, Domain Names

An analysis of NFT markets in the first half of 2020 offers a more precise focus on the Art, Trading Card Games and Domain Names segments.

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Although still in the minority, these 3 segments represent significant growth potential for the non-fungible token industry. In this article, we will analyze the distribution of activity between the main projects in these segments.

Art Marketplaces

The infographic below presents the distribution of activity between the 3 main Art Marketplaces of the ecosystem:

This infographic focuses on the 3 traditional performance indicators:

  • Active Addresses
  • USD Transferred
  • Transactions Volume

Note first that no absolute leader stands out. MakersPlace dominates the segment from the point of view of Active Addresses and transaction volume, SuperRare dominates very largely from the point of view of USD traded, and KnownOrigin maintains itself on the 3 KPIs, with between 15% and 20% of the activity.

The data suggest that the average price of works traded on SuperRare is much higher than on MakersPlace. Are we witnessing the emergence of two positions within Blockchain Art, around affordable works and works of art curated for higher value?

Tradable Card Games

The three major players in the TCG segment are:

Not surprisingly, Gods Unchained largely dominates the segment with 75% to 90% of the activity. CryptoSpells is positioned as a challenger to watch, especially from the point of view of the size of the community (22% market share over the period)

The secondary market for Gods Unchained cards continues to grow, proof of the obvious interest of players for the worthy rival of Magic: The Gathering.

Domain Names

To date, only two players occupy the Domain Names segment:

Unstoppable Domains is undoubtedly a tiny challenger face to the monopoly of Ethereum Name Service, with 4% of the USD traded against 96% for ENS.

This monopoly is much less visible in terms of the size of the community. Unstoppable Domains experienced activity peaks over the period with more than 50% of the segment’s active addresses in certain weeks of the first quarter.

We do not observe a clear trend in terms of transaction volumes between the two players.

Though it is still interesting to notice that Unstoppable Domains has the lead on this metric with 51% of the overall transactions.


These three segments have very different dynamics, but note that there is almost always a precursor project that still brings growth, accompanied by one or more challengers.

What will the second semester hold for us? Arrival of new challengers? Strengthening the place of leaders?

The other analyzes on the First Semester 2020 coming soon!

Global NFT Industry Performance vs. First Semester 2019 (Transactions, USD, Active Addresses)

Performance & Distribution per segment (Art, Real Estate, Gaming, Collectibles, Domain Names, Trading Card Games)

Virtual Real Estate Market Distribution (Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, The Sandbox,…)

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