S1 2020 – NFT Ecosystem Segmented Performance

The NFT ecosystem has seen interesting activity between different segments (gaming, collectibles, art, domains, real estate). Here's our segmented analysis of the S1 2020.

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Following our first article on the global performance of the NFT ecosystem in the first half of 2020, today we invite you to go into more detail and observe the performance of each of the NFT industry segments.

The analyzes presented below are based on more than 700 NFT projects divided into 6 major segments.

The 6 segments analyzed are as follows:

  • Gaming
  • Collectibles
  • Domain Names
  • Trading Card Games (TCG)
  • Real Estate (& Metaverses)
  • Art

Performance per segment – Transaction Volumes

Non-fungible tokens – Global Performance per segment – S1 2020 – Transactions volume

In the first half of 2020, Blockchain Gaming still represents the largest part of the ecosystem (41%), before Collectibles (29%) Domain Names, TCG, Real Estate and Art occupy the remaining 30%.

However, we observe that over time, the share of gaming seems to be decreasing, and that other segments such as art or collectibles are experiencing good growth in this first half.

Performance per segment – Transaction Volume

Non-fungible tokens – Global Performance per segment – S1 2020 – Active Addresses

The distribution of communities is quite different from the distribution by volume of transactions (see previous chart).

Gaming remains the majority but Domain Names and Real Estate occupy a much more important place than on the previous chart.

Domain Names and Art also demonstrated good growth over the period, confirming the relevance of the use case for the end user.

We believe that the distribution of the number of addresses by segment is currently one of the best indicators for understanding the dynamics that drive the growth of the ecosystem.

Performance per segment – USD Transferred

Non-fungible tokens – Global Performance per segment – S1 2020 – USD Transferred

From the point of view of the USD transferred, Art was the big surprise of the period, with 31% of activity, and exceptional growth over the last few months. Real Estate remains the main segment, mainly driven by the secondary market of Decentraland, the successful presales of The Sandbox, and quickly growing interest in Somnium Space.

The other analyzes on the First Semester 2020

Global NFT Industry Performance vs. First Semester 2019 (Transactions, USD, Active Addresses)

Focus on Art, Domain Names & Trading Card Games (Distribution per project on each segment)

Virtual Real Estate Market Distribution (Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, The Sandbox,…)

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