Yearly NFT Market Report

Free · 2018

Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report

Data doesn’t lie. At NonFungible we analyze it and make the complex simple and freely accessible for everyone.

Our 2018 Yearly Report looks into Non-Fungible Token trends on the Ethereum chain. We use our data to provide an in depth analysis of the market backed with charts and analytics.

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  • A new industry is born!
    With the crypto market experiencing a sharp decline at the beginning of the year, one would expect that the enthusiasm in this new industry would diminish. Yet to date many new projects have been launched in different market segments. With $205,899,587 traded for 7,662,072 transactions, this new market is not to be underestimated!
  • Focus on CryptoKitties
    The project that has marked the most this year is undeniably CryptoKitties. Mixing Collectibles and video games, these virtual chats dominated the market throughout the year. We have therefore focused on the evolution of prices around the different attributes of each cat (Base Color, Accent color, Highlight color, PAttern, Fur, Eye Colour, Eye shape and mouth)
The year 2018 was the year of acceptance for the Non-Fungible Token standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-721 would make it possible to exchange any digital asset peer-to-peer for multiple segments. Art, video games, collectibles, virtual worlds... An entire universe of possibilities has opened up to new players in the crypto ecosystem despite a fall in the market at the beginning of the year. Small community with big ambitions, here is our first annual report of Non Fungible Tokens to understand the different trends in this emerging market.

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