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Market Data

GET /market/publisher/history/?start=0&length=10


Returns most recent market sales from a specific publisher.

URI Params

Name Type Description
publisher Required

Value used as key for the project. Typically, the alpha-numeric, without spaces, lowercase representation. Ex. decentraland, cryptokitties, cryptopunks, knownorigin.

start Optional
Default: 0

Retrieve records starting at this position, the first record is “0”.

length Optional
Default: 10

Number of records to retrieve after the start record.

search[value] Optional

Search sales history for NFT “Asset ID”. See search format below for more information and search options.

columns[0][name] Optional
Default: "blockTimestamp"

Define the sort column of the results. Currently, only 1 order is supported. Multi-column ordering is not yet supported.

order[0][dir] Optional
Default: "desc"

Define the sort direction of the order[0][column]. Currently supported: asc, desc

history Optional
Default: false

If “true”, the sale history for each sale will be attached to the response as “history” (requires “datatype” parameter to be “json”)

datatype Optional
Default: "json"

Currently supported are: json, csv

Example Query & Response

  "recordsTotal": 36884,
  "recordsFiltered": 36884,
  "data": [
      "_id": "5b4e2c190518b82193cd3a39",
      "transactionHash": "0x257ed530345b2e6a8b3f706e61fc0610b9464e4f06d08e146962fdc14b93c0eb",
      "blockNumber": 4948603,
      "logIndex": 30,
      "blockTimestamp": "2018-01-21T21:48:02.000Z",
      "assetId": "115792089237316195423570985008687907850888008097193994795213961755890752159758",
      "assetDescriptor": "-7, 14",
      "marketAddress": "0xF87E31492Faf9A91B02Ee0dEAAd50d51d56D5d4d",
      "totalDecimalPrice": 11655,
      "totalPrice": "11655000000000000000000",
      "usdPrice": 1737.142785,
      "buyer": "0x9ddac6c981572aa3f4ab7ffa3d64356d94093206",
      "seller": "0xF87E31492Faf9A91B02Ee0dEAAd50d51d56D5d4d",
      "meta": {
        "x": "-7",
        "y": "14",
        "to_road": "1",
        "to_genesis": "5",
        "to_district": "38"