What is NonFungible.com?

What are non-fungible tokens?

Fungible [fuhn-juh-buh l] – adjective(especially of goods) being of such nature or kind as to be freely exchangeable or replaceable, in whole or in part, for another of like nature or kind.

Source: dictionary.com

Non-fungible tokens (or “NFT”s) are a special class of assets on the blockchain characterized by being unique and non-interchangeable with one another for equal value.

An NFT is different from a cryptocurrency in that it is defined by metadata that gives it a role, function, and value that are unique to it. Specifically, a non-fungible token can be a video game asset, a work of art, a collectible card, or any other “unique” object stored on a Blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens can be traded on marketplaces (eg: OpenSea) like any other asset.

If you want to know more about this notion of non-fungible tokens, we invite you to read our article on the concept of “fungibility”: Why most of the definitions of “non-fungible” are incorrect

Our vision

At NonFungible.com we strive to provide high-quality information about high-quality projects. For this reason, we take great care in our review and decision to support new projects. It is our responsibility to help users avoid fraudulent, Ponzi schemes, and projects whose mission is simply to frame their tokens as an “investment”. We believe that utility is king and speculation, albeit popular in the beginning, fades as the blockchain is considered more of a tool than an investment.

The creation and the circulation of these tokens allowed the emergence of new markets on Blockchain. These markets, like the cryptocurrency markets, are highly speculative. However, there was no tool to monitor the evolution and trends of these markets. Users, buyers, and players had no way to know the average price of an asset on the markets or whether there was adequate liquidity to realize their earning potential.

Our goals

  1. Enhance the mass-adoption of non-fungible tokens as useful products
  2. Provide transparency to the non-fungible token market
  3. Help projects with their growth, through the production of tailored market reports, analysis, and marketing opportunities.

Who we are

NonFungible.com was launched in February 2018, initially to track real-time transactions of a single NFT project – Decentraland. The project has evolved and gradually grown and is today one of the pillars of the non-fungible token ecosystem.

Initiated by Daniel Kelly (dafky2000) and Gauthier Zuppinger (Zoup) with the purpose of creating the link between the different communities of the ecosystem, and to provide support and service to both project leaders and consumers.

  • We are proud holders of various blockchain assets.
  • We are loud supporters of the decentralization movement.
  • We promote the utility of blockchain assets.
  • We are curious, love to learn and find the hidden gems through concrete data.

We are part of:

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Parity Ethereum

The fastest and most advanced Ethereum client. We utilize parity to sync and scan the Ethereum blockchain.


The most inclusive and comprehensive cryptocurrency market capitalization provider. All our crypto-currency USD conversion Data is provided by CoinGecko APIs.


The best marketplace for non-fungible tokens and developer API endpoints. We use OpenSea’s Asset API endpoints to retrieve metadata for projects who do not provide their own.


The most comprehensive and complete Ethereum blockchain explorer and developer API endpoints. We use Etherscan’s contract ABI API as a backup source for our NFT Radar.

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Feel free to reach out if you have something to share with us 🙂

Non-fungibly yours,

Dan & Zoup