Tok’n’Talk: The Blockchain Social Network?

We recently discovered the Tok'n'Talk project.

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We recently discovered the Tok’n’Talk project. To be perfectly honest, it took us a while to understand the concept behind the platform. At first glance, it may seem like a series of topics, not necessarily linked with each other. But, on closer inspection, what we had in front of us was already in itself, a revolution.

The problem

Tok’n’Talk had a brilliant idea based on solving multiple problems faced by any token community:

  • Encourage the community to participate and produce quality content
  • Allow visitors to find the answer to their question quickly
  • (find a viable business model)

The solution

The system proposed by the platform responds to these various issues by integrating a sponsorship space within the threads, and the distribution of revenues. Note that those threads will be implemented soon. For the moment a publisher buys the sponsored space, the paid amounts are automatically re-distributed between:

  • The platform, to ensure operating costs
  • The users, who participated in the thread and provided answers that were validated or appreciated by the community (voting system)

Sponsorship is no longer just a system to enrich the platform. Members are now paid at the level respective of their contribution to the community.

Reliance on community self-assessment (voting system to identify relevant answers) reduces the risk of useless posts and floods by unscrupulous users who would only be active for money.

Tok’n’Talk thus manages to establish a totally organic ecosystem, which motivates the community, avoids drift and puts the advertiser in a new role, which serves the community more than the platform.

Is it worth for the advertiser?

Yes, surely. The first advantage for the advertiser is that they are able to offer content to an extremely accurate audience. You immediately know the interests of the public who will consult this thread, using cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens that they publicly hold.

On the other hand, you also know how your funds will be used will bring a healthy dynamic to the platform and the community, far from the trolling and unnecessary flood so common on other social platforms.


At this point, we must recognize that the concept seduced us but, it will have to overcome a number of challenges to succeed:

  • Ensure that funds are properly redistributed among community members, greed is a major risk for this type of service
  • Attract a sufficient volume of advertisers to ensure the economic balance of the platform
  • Offer simple ergonomics and allow users to understand the concept very easily

Finally, the main challenge that Tok’n’Talk will face is undoubtedly that of competition. Indeed it is easier for an established actor of the forum (Reddit, 4Chan, ..) to set up a valuation logic than to win such a position for a new player. Luckily many of these services are not interested in cryptocurrency yet, and may not be for quite a while, giving Tok’n’Talk a great advantage.

Tok’n’talk will have to quickly prove its legitimacy in this rather competitive world.

In any case, we remain convinced that they already have major assets to become successful. We wish them good luck for this awesome adventure that is coming.

A little word from the founders

With Tok’n’talk, we want to use consensual information from the blockchains to protect our attention and to discover valuable information straight from people with the same economic motivations. That’s also why we use prisms as a part of our visual identity — we think tokens can both limit or expand our perception.

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