Presenting IsoBots, the NFT for Cybersecurity

In the world of Crypto and especially with NFTs, there are a lot of phishing attacks for users to be careful to avoid! IsoWallet is developing a solution to bring a new layer of security to the ecosystem which is also easy to use!

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There is little doubt that when it comes to Crypto and especially NFTs, cybersecurity is an essential element.

Yet sadly due to many companies wanting to quickly onboard many newcomers to their ecosystem, the security aspect is often sacrificed. The various browser wallets like Metamask are indeed very convenient to use but they also have a major flaw: private keys are stored directly in the browser.

The IsoWallet team has created an innovative solution to overcome this problem.

Presentation of IsoWallet 

IsoWallet is made up of a team with varying backgrounds but with a focus on blockchain and cybersecurity. Here are the core team members:

IsoWallet is an innovative solution to manage the security of its users’ crypto assets and the team aims to solve several key security flaws that currently plague the crypto wallet ecosystem. 

One of IsoWallet’s primary goals is to protect users against phishing attacks. Phishing and spear phishing attacks are two of the main attack vectors that face crypto wallets today. Ultimately, IsoWallet dreams to make security accessible without abandoning the wallet’s ease of use.

By creating and storing the private keys in a Zero-Knowledge environment, the team will never have access to the various different private keys, IsoWallet users will forever be in charge.

Other advantages for IsoWallet include Multi-Chain and Layer-2 compatibility, trustless transactions, access to your favorite decentralized exchanges in-app or even an extensive education materials to help you navigate Web3.

The IsoWallet NFT drop: IsoBots

isobots bitcoin

In order to develop a community invested in the project, Isowallet will carry out a drop of 5,555 NFTs dedicated to crypto values: IsoBots.

The central idea of this collection is to highlight the right to privacy but also the right to have sufficient security. IsoBots take up the different values of the crypto ecosystem in general. Owning it will therefore make it possible on the one hand to be part of the IsoWallet community but also to promote healthy values of the ecosystem.

The blockchain that will be used for the drop is Ethereum and to discover the date of the drop and be whitelisted, first you will have to go to IsoWallet’s Discord.

The artist who made the different features of the drop is Andrea Ranaldo AKA “Crazer”, a 3D artist with more than a decade of experience. It is important to remember that having this NFT will also give access to exclusive features. 

Each NFT will provide early access, and access to beta testing for the yet to be developed blockchain wallet by IsoWallet. NFT holders will also receive access to exclusive educational resources on Web3 and security, as well as a private Discord with the IsoWallet team. 

Additionally, all IsoBot NFT holders will have 0 fees for swapping (MetaMask charges 0.8% on internal wallet swaps).

What are the next steps?

Although the date of the drop of the Isobots has not yet been announced, it is possible to consult the roadmap of IsoWallet directly on their Whitepaper.

  • Phase 1 – Community Building: Build a passionate community that believes in the IsoWallet vision.
  • Phase 2 – Team expansion and wallet development.
  • Phase 3 – Red teaming/infrastructure stress testing, security audit and strategic partnerships.
  • Phase 4 – Beta Release: Bug bounty hunting program and Implementing community feedback.

The following phases of the roadmap include the wallet’s official launch and of the integration of trustless transaction features. The development will continue according to the feedback of the users as well as the beginning of a creation for the companies.

Insurance would also be in preparation for the rest of the events. 

In order to follow all the news of the project as well as the progress of the development, here are the official links to the IsoWallet project:

WebsiteTwitterInstagramDiscord  – Medium

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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