Christmas 2020 Arrives in Decentraland!

Here comes the time for fir trees, holly and gifts to share with friends or family! Welcome to Xmas in Decentraland!

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It has been a few months since we last visited Decentraland, despite all the updates, events and innovations offered by the historic Ethereum metaverse. 

The start of the 2020 school year was an opportunity for us to take a close look at this leaders market performance and also, its competitors, so now it’s time to rediscover this open world for the holidays!

xmas decentraland lotery

Events and gifts…but that’s not all

Whoever says Christmas, says gifts…and also events with friends! From December 21 to 23, Santa will be visiting Decentraland to participate in a distribution of gifts for those who manage to save the spirit of Christmas.

Hundreds of participants are expected to take part in this festive three-day quest and there are also plenty of other things to see outside of the central Genesis Plaza. 

xmas decentraland lotery

If you fancy your good luck, make your way to participate in the Christmas lottery! Organized by DC Metaverse Studios it will be necessary to have some MANA on the MATIC sidechain to have a chance to win on the 25th of December.

If you find yourself confused at the lottery booth, don’t panic! The little robot on the left helps you with this process, you just need to talk to it and the transfer of tokens takes place from one network to another without difficulty. Watch out for gas prices though!

If you felt like playing a game, to the right a festive Santa avatar awaits with a game of skill where you must prevent snowmen from stealing gifts!

Art and Decentraland, a great love story

One of Decentraland’s greatest strengths is that the LAND owners go to great lengths to evolve their plots and create interesting and diverse experiences. But it is also good to see the more institutional players are involved as well, sometimes its hard to determine who is the most creative.

xmas decentraland

We’ll begin this visit with a museum located not far from the metaverses central plaza and which already hosts some very appealing sculptures and also breath taking architecture!

xmas decentraland

Far from the tone of more traditional crypto art galleries like Makersplace or SuperRare, this gallery has been tailor-made and offers some very beautiful works to contemplate. 

To find golden nuggets in the vast space that is Decentraland, you sometimes need to be lucky and leave room for randomness but never fear! The /goto random command is used precisely for adventurers waiting to be surprised.

xmas decentraland drumkit

This is the kind of big surprise you might find in Decentraland only when you are aimlessly visiting locations on the map. Even if it seems difficult to play this drumkit, it is nevertheless impressive!

As you continue your walk, another surprise awaits you on the way…

xmas decetraland wisdom wingle

These works are a happy sight, signed by Wisdom Mingle, a Japanese Artist who has exhibited his work for the greatest pleasure of our eyes and many thanks to him, it’s extremely pleasant to stumble upon visuals of this quality when you don’t expect them!

xmas decentraland

Night Mode

But already night is falling on Decentraland and the mood has changed!

In this Christmas spirit, who knows if it will be possible to see Santa cross the starry sky guided by his reindeer or if a new form of magic might appear at the corner of a road..

To reassure yourself there is nothing better than to return to the city centre, and along the way a work by Joy gradually takes shape in front of you..

xmas decetraland joyworld

While it’s not so reassuring to see a childhood image and the magic it inspires melting into a malicious character, the mysterious beauty of this work is nevertheless fascinating.

Fortunately the hypnotic effect of this giant Mickey Mouse was shattered by a snowflake carried past on a cool breeze. Following the direction of the wind, the snow begins to thicken, until we reach a little gingerbread house.

14 xmas decentraland

Listen carefully, faint music is playing…to make sure, you approach the house and you notice a huge electric cable that seems to be feeding it.

As you push open the door, the smell of gingerbread fills your nostrils, you soon discover that to access the interior of this fireplace you will need a code. Fortunately, no code escapes detection and after a quick investigation, the interior is as you hoped: warm and welcoming!

16 xmas

A night and day update

This walk through Decentraland during the holiday season was very pleasant! In addition, the ability to juggle between day and night mode dramatically changes the mood of the metaverse, adding a very nice touch in terms of content personalization.

The Christmas quests had not yet begun during our adventure but we highly recommend you participate for the chance to win NFTs dedicated to the event and who knows, maybe more?

This metaverse never ceases to amaze us and once again, we can’t wait to see it continue to evolve into ever richer content for users in future!

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