The Gates of Decentraland are open!

We've been waiting for it, now it's a reality! Welcome to the universe that is getting ready to take on Ready Player One, come and visit this new world waiting for you!

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After many test events, long moments of solitude in the low-poly world, server crashes, stage constructions each more impressive than the previous, the time has finally come, the doors of Decentraland are open! 

When the big attraction parks open, it’s always a rush at the entrance! We preferred to explore this vast world after the treasure hunt (Now over) so you can wander quietly through this vast universe.

Welcome to Decentraland, where you can meet unicorns, go for a hot-air balloon ride or climb to the top of the pyramids… and it’s only the early days of the global Decentraland experience!

Start of a Decentraland journey

The adventure begins with a short tutorial explaining the possibilities offered by the game (moving, jumping, dancing, interacting with the scenes).

Once you have passed the tutorial, a teleporter is waiting to take you to the Genesis Plaza, the center of the Decentraland map. This is where the adventure begins!

A world full of wonders awaits you, but since “a picture is sometimes worth more than a thousand words”, let yourself be carried away by this journey to the center of the virtual world!

The map is huge and fortunately, there are landmarks! These landmarks, for the moment, are the roads that mark the map. They surround the genesis plaza, you won’t be able to miss them – there are pretty flower beds and benches to enjoy the scenery to the left and right.

As you will have noticed, as long as you stay in the “downtown”, “genesis plaza”, it’s very animated! You will meet other players, the buildings are large and the areas are well ordered. The loading of the decorations is much faster since the first phases of the game and it’s still a pleasure to watch!

But let’s get off the beaten track and go for a walk in the woods. Many, many areas are worth a look for the creative effort made by users, developers, designers, and builders! We can note of the “Torii” in the middle of the different temple areas, don’t hesitate to pass underneath and appreciate the calm of the temples.

Before crossing a little further away giant statues made of wood and stone! What could have happened next door to this camp that made its inhabitants decide to erect statues? Did they want to hunt the monster hiding in the river behind that golem? Or maybe these statues will come to life one day and a special event will take place?

While waiting for the answer, let’s continue our journey! Because there are still many things to see in this multiverse!

Art and games

On your way to the unknown, you will have the opportunity to come across structures that are at the very least… artistic. For example, this multi-tiered reflective pyramid hides a secret at the top. This remnant of a past event is impressive, but don’t be fooled, the only treasure you will find upstairs will be a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

As you continue walking, another building with a sober title will appear in your path. “VR.” 

Behind it is stonehenge, this garden with short cut grass hides a building purely dedicated to art exhibitions. Axie Infinity, Josie, Known Origin, CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties… all these projects have exhibited their best work within these walls.

Don’t hesitate to visit all the galleries, there are even some upstairs!

There is not yet any possibility to buy the works directly from the galleries but it is very pleasant to be able to appreciate the enhancement of the projects or artists in this dedicated space.

Once this visit is over, it’s time to get back on the road to new horizons! There is still so much to see!

At the exit of the garden, an interactive surprise awaits you on the right.

This mini-game is very simple: there are tiles on the floor in all colours, each time the walls change colour you have to place yourself on a tile in the corresponding colour.

The entry fee is 10 MANA and the more participants there are, the bigger the final pot to share.
Simple? Maybe not so simple, we’ll let you try it and see…

The ability to use MANA’s to interact with the scenery is a promise that has been kept, but let’s not stop there if we’re on the right track, interesting things are only just beginning! This mini-game is a foretaste of the different creations proposed by the owners of the land. As you continue the visit, a palace appears in the middle of sand dunes…

From the first steps on the sand, a window appears telling that the transactions that will take place will go through the Matic Network. The choices are elementary: Ethereum, Matic or PLAY. The first two are already known, the indication concerning the third is very clear: it is free.

So I’ve been warned, my wallet’s going to come under pressure sooner or later. Let’s head without hesitation to the open front door of this palace!

Surprise, it’s a casino! Many machines decorate the parts and vehicles are put on display with their prices just above. 

Will it ever be possible to drive them to Decentraland? Or are these vehicles just here to find a collector?

After a few games on the machines, drooling in front of these pretty cuts and observing the paintings on the walls, it’s time to hit the road again!

If you are heading west to discover new scenery, be aware that you may be disappointed. Because apart from trees, a few rocks and flowers you won’t come across anything for long kilometres!

End of the journey

After pushing the boundaries to -69, 190 of vast emptiness (the proposed map is only supposed to be -150 to +150), the only solution available to you is a fabulous feature of Decentraland: teleportation.

To use it, nothing could be simpler! Press “enter” and type “/goto random” on your keyboard. This will randomly select a destination for you and teleport you to an unknown location!

For our part, it brought us next to a Martian terrain where ships rub shoulders with planets!

It’s a pity that the space universe only stops at this piece of land because this scenery must have required a lot of work and elaboration by its creator! Ah, if only it were possible to pilot this spacecraft…

But let’s put aside the dreams of air travel and go back down to Earth. By continuing the visit of this universe it is interesting to note the outbidding of creativity! After Mars, let’s take a look at the top of this pyramid that stands in the middle of the sand!

At the top of these stairs is not a treasure, but a nice promotion for a phone that won’t be named. That said, all you have to do is turn around to admire the view… and another type of pyramid! The latter is inaccessible at the moment, but perhaps it will be possible to land there thanks to the ships we saw earlier one day?

Or you will have to unravel the mystery of gravity that seems to defy all the laws within!

Decentraland is getting improved everyday

Since its beginnings, it must be said that Decentraland has evolved a lot, and quickly! Scenes are loading way faster, servers crash less often, we really want to go back and continue to visit and interact with those elements of the scenes that can.

There’s still really few interactive elements in the metaverse, and the lack of precision in the moves can hurt the mini-games experience.

Also, we look forward to the landowners building something up! Because once you get past the Downtown, the LAND is very empty! But given the rapid evolution of the project over the last few months (even if it has caused many technical inconveniences for Chainbreakers), we are waiting for further improvements!

Here’s a little bonus to conclude this article:

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