OVR: Mixing Reality and Decentralized Virtuality

One of the areas that continues to be explored more and more with NFTs is that of Virtual Reality. Instead of inventing a totally new map with complex navigation systems, OVR chose to build its metaverse on our Earth!

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There are many Virtual Worlds surrounding us without our knowing it, when you’re walking down the street, shopping or even looking out of the window they exist and are evolving all the time.

Since the arrival of Virtual Reality and especially since Augmented Reality, these worlds created by humans everywhere can be visible through compatible devices such as mobile phones or suitable headsets.

But something was still missing to perfect these Virtual Worlds: the possibility to make them have some kind of existence in our external reality.

The Blockchain and more specifically, Non-fungible Tokens are with little doubt the most suitable tool to achieve this.


Billions of Possibilities

Let us introduce you to OVR, an application that mixes together Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality thanks to a dedicated application which above all also utilizes NFTs. The project was founded at the end of 2018 and a smartphone application was released a few months later.

Their app has seen many updates over the past few years, starting with the ability to interact with physical surroundings through creating a virtual treasure hunt.

In a similar way to Pokemon GO, it allows you to discover different events around your physical location. Even with these similarities the big difference is that it does not allow you to capture Pokemons but for example, does allow you to relive historical scenes or discover an otherwise hidden work of Art in the area where you are.

OVR mobile wall

The major difference between this and other Metaverses or parallel Universes that you may have heard of, is that in OVR the ‘plots’, units of land you buy, correspond to our own planet Earth. The Earth has been broken down into about 1 Trillion identical sized plots, each of which can be located via 3 words that define each one and replace complex GPS coordinates.

So the experiences you have or create in OVR will not just be occurring in a distant or hypothetical Universe, rather they will be anchored in your daily life, with the addition of Virtual or Augmented Reality content and all hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To properly determine how the world of OVR works, it is possible to find in their Whitepaper all the available functions, as well as the issues the project addresses.

OVR architecture

For example, imagine yourself pointing your phone at the Eiffel Tower and seeing its construction in time-lapse. Because it is indeed possible to relive a scene from the past and be the lord and master over the passage of time. In just two movements you are thrown onto a battlefield in the midst of a war, as you relive a chaotic moment from history.

Since the Coronavirus crisis it has often become complicated to leave your home and go on sight seeing trips, OVR has found an alternative by creating portals in its application.

These portals allow you to teleport directly to the place you want to go, all without leaving your home!


To take your travels to yet another level OVR has paid close attention to Non-Fungible Tokens and has divided the Earth into 1.6 trillion hexagons. Each of these plots is a Non-Fungible Token, offering the potential for its owner to personalise and customize their individual territories.

From historical events or events created anywhere, clearly what is possible can only be limited by one’s imagination!

OVR Social

The ability to access any corner of our Earth instantly and at any time of day shows one particular use case that can be developed on these Lands. Stores whose products are accessible anytime, in particular this would allow them to have virtual products for sale and accessible even when the real world version is closed!

OVR Creator

The role of the OVRCreator will be responsible for personalizing the Land lent out by the Land owner, including 3D animation, editing and indeed any other digital creation. Creators will have all the digital tools at their disposal to be able to shape the various Universes.

OVR treasure

Three important technical aspects to the creative side of the game illustrates the importance of this role in the game:

  • Use of IFPS node 
  • The sidechain avoids transaction fees
  • Three word Land naming system for easy memorization

What these three technical aspects have in common is that they all put the creator’s interests at the centre of their existence by freeing them from what can otherwise be a technical constraint for many.

These elements are likely to ensure greater ease of adoption and invisibility of the Blockchain for the end user. In addition, the role of guarantors of the IFPS nodes is assigned to the OVR Stakers and so it only remains for the creators to concentrate on their endeavours!

Finally, you want to make your works available to the rest of the community? 

It’s good to discover that it’s possible to put them on sale!
Among other things this will enrich the library of graphic elements available to owners who want to dress their OVRLand with already available content.

OVR marketing

OVR Advertiser

Thanks to the decentralized remuneration system that is in place, ensuring innovative Augmented Reality experiences are exclusive to OVR is easy!

Another way to monetize content available in OVR is through advertising. Just like in the real world, advertisers will be able to find their place in the world and promote their brand to the virtual guests and visitors who arrive on the decentralized hexagons.

The advantage that the blockchain offers is price transparency as well as storing all the available information relating to the product such as its origin and its journey, all available just one click away.

Augmented or Virtual Reality therefore makes it possible to innovate utilising this new way of reaching the public, as well as with promotional events where players can come from all over the world in a few clicks!

OVR Gameplay

More VR And AR In The Web3 Future?

The use cases of Augmented or Virtual Reality are more and more numerous and OVR tries to answer all the problems that the current players encounter in this ecosystem.

Getting the project to evolve in this manner is a great way to overcome the difficulty of repeated global lockdowns. It’s an entire ecosystem that has been built for over two years, leaving enormous freedom for content creators but also its entire community.

With a DAO being put in place for the community to decide on particular directions the project can take, a whole system of governance is emerging for this project.

Just as some people talk about the tokenization of physical assets on the Blockchain as being the future of NFTs, it seems the integration of a Metaverse that enriches our real world will be an interesting future prospect for a Blockchain Metaverse for sure.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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