The metaverse: a promising land for remote job seekers

More and more individuals are eager to turn their love of blockchain-based virtual worlds into a full-time job. How are metaverses shaping the future of work?

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The metaverse is constantly expanding and evolving to meet the needs of the individuals building it. While a vast majority of the population still does not entirely understand the utility that this burgeoning sector provides, some are eager to turn their love of NFTs and crypto into a full-time occupation. How are metaverses shaping the future of work? 

The Blockchain: Workplace 3.0 

The workplace has been undergoing a massive shift away from in-person work in the past few years that was only magnified by COVID lockdowns. Professional workers, which make up nearly 60% of the employment in the US in 2020, have made a massive jump to remote work in the last five years. An expansion of high-speed internet access has made work-from-home a more viable option for individuals worldwide.

At the same time, a lack of affordable housing, gas prices, and the increased cost of living in major cities have made individuals reluctant to commute or relocate for job opportunities. In a recent article, Forbes reported that “25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022”.

So how has this trend affected jobs on the blockchain?

As remote jobs surge, so do jobs in the metaverse. According to data from Linkedin, blockchain jobs surged 400% in 2021, 4xs faster than other jobs in the tech industry. The development of an online income is another step closer to metaverse’s goal of entirely digital livelihoods. A virtual world where people can create avatars to interact with each other.

This trend presents a unique opportunity for individuals seeking job opportunities in the metaverse. Major corporations are setting the groundwork for remote work, creating a favorable environment for job seekers in the metaverse. Experience working from home is important to both the potential employer and employee. Employees with an ability to self-motivate without the direct involvement of a managerial figure will be far more likely to succeed in a remote position.

At the same time, employers with an established to manage and motivate their employees will be far more likely to attract and maintain productive employees. 

Tips Before Applying for a Job in the Metaverse

Prospective job-seekers searching for work in the metaverse should keep in mind the same precautions all remote workers take to assure potential employment opportunities are legitimate. 

  1. Plagiarized Linkedin and Indeed Profiles

A recent article by Decrypt highlighted the danger of plagiarized crypto accounts that were attempting to gain information from prospective applicants. Make sure when applying to check for verified accounts. With crypto being a developing industry, there might not always be an account with a checkmark next to their name, so taking steps to ensure that they are actually the correct accounts by checking official websites could be the difference between a scam and a legitimate opportunity.

  1. Always Do Your Own Research Before Applying

Scammers are known to copy logos and create fake websites and emails. Researching and finding the job listing on the company’s official website could prevent jobseekers from providing information to a falsified corporation. 

  1. Check For Red Flags

Common red flags include grammatical errors on the job post and emails that do not contain the organization domain (i.e. [email protected] vs. [email protected]).

  1. Avoid Get-Rich-Quick and Easy Money Schemes 

Typically if an opportunity seems too good to be true, it is. Applying to work for organizations that use MLM (Multi-level Marketing), require you to invest money into the organization, or do not guarantee an hourly or salaried wage, is not advisable.  

  1. Never Provide Financial or Bank Account Information Until After The Job Is Verified.

Most employers will provide a secure way to set up direct deposit after the employee has signed all required paperwork and has a contract in hand. 

Job Opportunities in the Metaverse

The metaverse is a constantly expanding new frontier that will provide plenty of opportunities to individuals who are looking to find a way to help to lay the groundwork for the future. Since the industry is still developing, it can be difficult to know what opportunities are available.

New companies are constantly being developed in different industries stretching from the fashion industry to game development and tech jobs. While it can be difficult to truly gauge what sort of jobs will be available in the future, some are available today and are looking for qualified individuals. 

AR/VR Game Designer 

The gaming industry is flourishing in the metaverse. Both experienced and inexperienced game designers have plenty of opportunities to join companies attempting to build virtual/augmented reality games. The gaming industry is highly competitive, so it isn’t surprising that there is already a push for games to become a large part of the metaverse’s economy.

Jobs developing cutting-edge and feature-rich NFT games are particularly popular, and there are currently listings offering salaries ranging from US$82k-152k for experienced game developers.  


Talented writers are always in demand in almost every industry. The metaverse is no exception to that rule. Writers who are talented at composing copywriting articles and creating content for communities will be in high demand in the tech-dominated sector. Storytellers in particular will have a leg up when applying for positions in the gaming industry. The ability to craft a compelling story will be invaluable to games hoping to build a strong following.

The NFT community holds the same narrative standards as AAA games and feature films, so only writers with experience should apply. Writing role pay ranges will range depending on your writing speed and how proficient you are at composing error-free work. Typically the range for talented writers will be between US$25k-100k a year.


Where there is a technology-driven industry, there is a need for programmers. Programmers can find positions ranging from major companies looking to expand onto the metaverse down to small start-ups looking to build their programs. Programmers will find plenty of opportunities in the metaverse now and in the future to help build the industry.

Companies offer between US$71k-150k for individuals willing to work with their development teams. Most are requiring at least some experience working on the blockchain, but some are offering to train programmers who have worked in other areas. 

Community Management 

Communities are the backbone of the metaverse. NFTs especially centralize around the importance of having a solid community to support, make decisions, and improve projects. Having a dedicated community manager to maintain and promote a community helps a company to grow and filter feedback from its customer.

This is why it’s no surprise that community management jobs are in demand in the metaverse. Most NFT Communities are looking for individuals with experience working on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. Discord managers appear to be the most sought-after position for DAOs and other groups.  Typically the range for community managers is between US$25k-75k annually.  


Another way for organizations to grow the metaverse is through marketing. Having access to marketing professionals who understand how to reach new customers who may be previously unaware of how the metaverse, crypto, and NFTs work. The demand for marketing specialists is high, and talented individuals could have very successful careers promoting new projects.

Bringing experience from marketing jobs outside of the metaverse is important, but those seeking jobs working in crypto should immerse themselves in the communities before applying. Understanding how crypto-investors engage with different communities, properties, and projects will set individuals apart from other applicants. Marketing leads will average between US$50k-160k annually. 

Digital Artist 

There are ample options for artists to make a living in the metaverse. Many organizations are looking to partner with talented artists to create everything from games to NFTs. In fact, artists with an established audience could very well produce their own NFT projects without the need to work directly with these companies.

The metaverse provides solid opportunities for artists to thrive in the market. While some artists may choose to market their own NFTs, some companies are looking to hire artists to help make their NFT projects a reality. While there really is no set amount that a digital artist could make on the blockchain, artists have a significant advantage, especially in the NFT markets.  

Metaverses: a Safe Career Choice

Whether a job seeker is looking for a job as a programmer or an artist, there are plenty of opportunities for them to accomplish their goals in the metaverse. As the metaverse grows, those options will only expand. What those future careers may entail is up for some debate.

Many believe that jobs ranging from construct architects to avatar clothing designers could quickly become available as the industry expands. Opening up roles to individuals who might fall outside the traditional crypto audience will only help to expand and normalize the metaverse and those working in the field.

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