Interoperability in The Sandbox

The Sandbox is becoming an oasis of interoperability, living up to their mission of being "a place where NFTs become alive”.

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The Sandbox has always called itself an open world with a desire to include other projects in its universe and it’s now possible to use many PFP collections as an avatar in this metaverse, which is soon entering its third Alpha phase.

Building The Sandbox never stops!

The Sandbox metaverse is an open environment where anyone can participate in its construction. User-generated content (UGC) drives creative activity , whether it’s the monsters, weapons, buildings, or even the quests which players will enjoy.

Thanks to the free VoxEdit tool, it’s possible for anyone, without code, to create their own Sandbox assets and share them with the community. The Game Maker tool allows you to create a whole scene where the player’s adventures can take place.

With this focus on its community, The Sandbox has opened the doors of its metaverse even more since the beginning of the year. To participate, simply join the different Alpha Seasons to see and interact with a large part of The Sandbox.

Importing your avatar to The Sandbox

In an increasingly inclusive approach, The Sandbox has begun to integrate other projects into its metaverse. In particular, Profile for Picture (PFP) projects will allow you to use your favorite collection as an avatar in this metaverse!

For example, it will be possible to use any NFT from the World of Women collection in The Sandbox. But this is not the only collection involved; others are planned for the third season of the Alpha Season coming this summer:

  • The Moonbird
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Cool Cats
  • And more to be announced soon!

This is a first step towards greater compatibility between NFTs projects, the famous interoperability!

What’s coming next for LAND owners

PFP collection owners will be able to find additional utility to their NFTs, but on the side of the LAND owners, other news is coming.

First, the migration of LANDs and assets to Polygon. In order to reduce costs as well as its carbon footprint, The Sandbox decided to switch to the Polygon sidechain to host the various assets of the game. One million SAND, the platform’s utility token, was distributed to owners to encourage them to do this migration.

A new token will be created to encourage creators: the EXPERIENCE token. Recognizing the creativity of the community during the various game jams, this new token will reward the community most invested in The Sandbox.

Another notable evolution: a community of builders certified to curate the best content created. This brings builders closer to The Sandbox’s goal of opening up decisions about the game to the community.

Meet The Sandbox community

Several big names and big brands have settled in The Sandbox: The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, and Atari are among over 200 companies who are creating experiences in The Sandbox. Thanks to these partnerships, The Sandbox has managed to push the boundaries of its development even further.

But the most important thing is the community that participates in the construction of this metaverse every day. In addition to organizing various online events, The Sandbox wants to connect its community in the real world. In addition to always being present at major NFT and crypto events, several gatherings are expected to take place around the world.

To learn more about what they are preparing and join the Sandbox family, don’t hesitate to follow them on their different networks:


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