Trick or Treat! Halloween in Decentraland

For Halloween, Decentraland wanted to celebrate the Day of the Dead in a big way. So what happened in the Metaverse these recent days? Did the dead shake the world of the living?

besancia ·  · 11/05/19 ·  2 min

When the invitation to visit a labyrinth designed specifically for the occasion arrived in my mailbox, I first regretted not being able to participate in this session… but fortunately, a few days later, the doors of the labyrinth opened again!

A tricky maze

The appointment was made, the participants were there, we waited for the door to open, ready to get our hidden treats. And at the T-Time, everyone disappeared around me.
It suited me, nobody was going to be able to copy my path to the victory!

Except the door did not open. So I teleported a little further and Decentraland gave me a good me the bad news: no more access to the Metaverse!


An afternoon at the cemetery

Fortunately, thanks to the magical powers of a talented exorcist, everything went back to normal the next day! For the big night, everything was ready, the dead were bustling, the cemetery, usually so calm, was waking up.

The invitation said that if the bravest were not afraid of the dead, they would be rewarded… The rumors spoke of a golden key to open the door to a secret buried treasure.

“This time, it’s a door that I can open!” So I prepared to lift gravestones, dig beside trees, disturb black cats, and open the doors of all the houses!

After many handshakes with the dead, I finally found the key! But which door will open with this? I set out again to find the treasure’s location, searching for locks everywhere.

What a joy when finally the key turned and I heard the rattling of the door. I went in, turned over all the furniture and decided to go upstairs. After some time, I could see what looked like a hiding place.

Sweet treats!

More virtual events to come!

Not having been able to participate in the first event, we can only welcome the initiative to those who have made a maze for the occasion! We hope that those who participated could appreciate their experience!

Regarding the cemetery, it is rather pleasant to be able to interact with a whole decor! Despite my late visit to the cemetery I still could find hats, pumpkins and epic equipment.

The number of possibilities continues to increase and the experience of Decentraland remains pleasant despite the effects of the beta that are still felt.And you? Did you participate in Decentraland events? What did you like?

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