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With the opening of its marketplace on March 30 to artists, The Sandbox is taking a new step in its development. It is now possible for the Voxedit content creators to sell what they build! Here is a quick overview of these new possibilities..

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The Sandbox is one of the pioneers in the NFT ecosystem and has deservedly earned its dominant position in the type of metaverse this project has focused on. Their specialty? The creation of video games and social experiences by players for players, leaving almost total freedom for the most creative minds.

The Sandbox license has always emphasized on creative freedom for its users but since entering the blockchain world, it has enabled something that was not possible on its mobile applications: tokenization of assets that are owned and can be exchanged peer-to-peer with other players.

In order for assets to be integrated into the LANDs, the decor must be built using no-code GameMaker software while the ASSETs (characters, weapons or monsters) can be created using another tool: VoxEdit. Although GameMaker is primarily intended for LAND owners and those who want to build experiences, VoxEdit is open to everyone and allows the most talented Voxel artists to build NFTs and to offer their creation to the community.

Yes, you read that correctly! If you are selected by the Foundation, it is possible to see your creations listed on the official Sandbox marketplace Beta and also they will have a chance to be utilised in the various games that will be created throughout the Metaverse ! The current marketplace is in a Beta-phase but ultimately it will be possible for everyone to publish and sell their NFTs for $SAND, the platform’s utility token. 

What is VoxEdit?

If you’ve never heard of Voxels, then it’s important forus to give you a quick introduction. In a nutshell, it’s a 3D design style that allows you to create cube-shaped creations. Everything in The Sandbox is based on this graphic style and that’s what gives it its charm! 

sandbox voxedit

Within a few minutes VoxEdits various features can be used to fully see what’s possible with this 3D modeling and NFT creation tool. Creating, erasing and coloring blocks are the most basic functions, but which ones will you use most often?

Having a good choice of palette colors is essential when working on graphics, so it’s also a valuable tool that is highly welcome! Regarding the other more advanced functions, they are concerned with the multiple selection of blocks and even complete areas, for example, to move several blocks at once!

Quick tip, to put the camera back to its original location, use the small target in the toolbar at the top!

A first phase of launch

sandbox marketplace

On March 30th 2020, 46 artists were selected to upload a total of 107 NFTs  to the Marketplace, this selection was made to celebrate the launch of this new flagship feature. Their selection was done within a transparent process, a methodology which has always been core to The Sandbox: Some of them have already featured in a stream, others were already in the Game Maker gallery and still others were selected by community vote.

If you want to follow them on different social networks and appreciate their work, here is the list: Aikiman, Alina S, AOB, BeInDreams, Benjiro, Carina Chen, Chakkaebi, Chimpabastian, Choco, Damon, Darkdag666, DiegoUrrea26, Diegus, Filiz, Gatostao, Gundam-Z, KamiSawZe, KiwiAndCoffee, Kosmikoyote, KradSuperSoldier, Liu Fogel, Meo, Mike0321, MJDV, Momo, Monancho, Morguy, Mr Gold, Necrobombicon, Nest, Nexonik, NicolasNK, Pandapops, Pepe, Rafa, Remigio, Sandio, Shon-T, Sisapi, Superrisk, Thelostb0y, Toby R, Ven, Voxel Blaze, Bunny, and William.

Being highlighted was the result of the time and investment these creators spent in The Sandbox and therefore a fair reward to be among the first on this launch phase! It’s important to know that for this phase, 95% of the income will be in $SAND and will go directly to the artists while the remaining 5% will be used to fund the Creator Fund and the Gamer Maker Fund.

These two funds are used to encourage game and asset creators by rewarding them and in particular during the various events organized by The Sandbox, so even if you are not selected by the Foundation you will still have the opportunity to be rewarded for your creativity!

More than art

sandbox assets

This is much more than simply a 3D creation in the Voxel style, ASSETS also have a usefulness that should not be overlooked: Each of them is a NFT and they will also serve as a design for the various objects that players can find in the different games they are going to play. Some of them will of course be items to customise, but it will also be possible to find armor, monsters, buildings or characters etc.

To facilitate their identification, it is possible to find these NFT-assets in the marketplace in 4 different categories:

  • Entity: groups together monsters, animals or character classes (like ‘healer’ or ‘soldier’)
  • Equipment: it is important in video games to have solid equipment to be able to continue your adventure! In this asset class it will be possible to find armor, swords, pants, gloves or accessories.
  • Wearable: When you’re not in a game, it’s important to have an avatar that looks like you! Wearables are cosmetic elements that will allow you to personalize your avatar according to your taste.
  • Art: The sets in the games are an essential element for the player to experience total immersion. But other elements can fall into this category like the soundtrack which will also take the form of NFTs!

With these choices, the elements that constitute a video game are more than provided for, any creative mind will be able to find its way around here! ASSETS are one of the most important cornerstones of The Sandbox because they not only reward creators but are also the very heart of the Play of Earn that will be present in the game experiences.

Thanks to the use of the ERC-1155 standard which allows the distribution of fungible and non-fungible assets, it will be possible for players to earn ASSETS as well as $SAND if the game creator has put them up in his game!

In addition, the use of this standard allows interoperability between all games in the metaverse, making one of gamers’ oldest dreams come true: being able to use their favorite weapon or equipment in several different games!

Everyone will be able to mint and sell!

sandbox marketplace mint

As of today, if you are interested in offering your creations on the marketplace, two options are available to you:

  • Option 1 : you are not yet part of the Creator’s Fund. In this case, you will need to send a request to be part of it!
  • Option 2 : you have been accepted into the Creator’s Fund, congratulations! All you have to do is contact The Sandbox team to find out if you can be whitelisted.

The goal of The Sandbox is to allow as many people as possible to come up with their ideas, but as mentioned above, this phase is only the first! It will serve as a test to correct as many technical problems as possible that might arise, so you will have to be patient if your application is still under review.

The more phase 1 takes place, the more artists will be accepted on the platform, but this will be done gradually. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage a diversity of ASSETS present on the marketplace with a less strict selection barrier and more categories, so don’t hesitate to offer original content!

Remember that in this marketplace, the only way to buy and sell NFTs is through the $SAND token! If you want to use another crypto to buy or sell, you will need to go through Opensea or another exchange.

Send you creation to The Sandbox Creator’s Fund

Since arriving in the NFT space, The Sandbox has never stopped showcasing user-generated content and has always encouraged the most creative minds to participate in the community.

Many streams have been organized to draw inspiration from well-known artists, accessible and powerful tools have been made available free of charge and regularly updated and today a new step has been taken by keeping the promise to those who are still invested since the launch of the project.

Having the opportunity to see your creations alongside the biggest names in video games on the planet is a unique opportunity made possible on the one hand thanks to the many partnerships that The Sandbox has forged but above all thanks to the freedom and the interoperability that NFTs offer to everyone!

If you think you have an idea that would fit in a video game, do not hesitate to download VoxEdit to practice and once you are satisfied with the result, send your creation to the Creator’s Fund for a chance to be listed on the marketplace!

Join The Sandbox community

the sandbox contact

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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