The first Metaverse Festival in Decentraland!

A 4-days festival with more than 80 artists was held in Decentraland. Here is a look back at the first Metaverse Festival !

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Recently it has become a challenge to go to music festivals due to the various global health restrictions, but these party venue experiences were once open to anyone and originally were also free! Today, more and more countries are now setting up a health pass to access events and either way they are far from free!

Couldn’t it be one solution to continue enjoying your favorite artists with ease to attend these events online? This trend had already started with live shows on Youtube, but from October 21 to 24 2021, the evolution of this idea was held in the metaverse!

The first edition of the Metaverse Festival took place in Decentraland, bringing together more than 80 artists over 4 days. We participated and here is what the first decentralized festival open to anyone gives!

Day 1: To the Discovery of the Metaverse Festival

day 1 metaverse festival decentraland entrance
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Entrance

The festivities had not yet begun, but it was already possible to enter the festival grounds. So I went for a walk between the different aisles to discover what this festival has to offer.

The scenes are empty, some onlookers discover like me the different buildings and activities that will soon hold the events.

Chamboultou, VIP area accessible for Holders of a Metakey, boasting a propellant cannon to get a view from above, bar, food stalls, stalls to buy wearables, psychedelic experiences… but also portable toilets!

Time to go around the empty stalls for the moment, I hear music in the distance. So I’m getting closer to the Acoustic Stage, the first concerts have begun. And already, people are rushing to listen.

day 1 metaverse festival accoustic scene
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Accoustic Stage

Then after this concert, in the distance, I hear screams coming from the main stage. On my way there, I come across the toilet which seemed to me to be moving. I stop to check, I was right: the toilets jump and change places. I am indeed in a metaverse!

day 1 metaverse festival benji patterson
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Benji Patterson

After watching the concert on the main stage, I return to my tent, waiting for the second day.

Artists present that day:

  • World Stage: Brooke Sharkey and The Turbans
  • The Harrison Acoustic Stage: Dizraeli,Ben Walker & Kirsty Merryn and Alabaster de Plume
  • The Evolution (Main) Stage: The Luna Tapes, Benji Patterson, Crooked Colours, 3LAU, RAC, Nina Nesbitt
  • Jazz Club: The British Collective
  • Psychedelic Techno Stage: Bemet, Maga, Aaron Sevilla, Magit Cacoon
  • OG Smash Stage: Connie Digital, Booboxhead, Mai World, Mighty 33, Sadansolo, Vandal, Will Jeurgens, Coco Mamba, Scrilla, Studio Nouveau

Day 2: Main Stage Evolution and Rewards

day 2 evolution stage
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Evolution stage Day 3

Here I am in the Metaverse Festival for the second day, looking at the lineup, I see that the headliners for the third day. Saturday night is not to miss!

Going to the side of the main stage, I see that what was yesterday a space setting has become an Aztec jungle. The efficiency of the technicians during the night is such that I did not hear any noise from the construction site!

day 2 evolution stage mayu mayu
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Mayu Mayu

I stayed for a few concerts and start to see crates appear in the middle of the dancefloor. Curious, I click on one and it’s a frog mask wearable that arrives in my wallet.

In fact, already yesterday gifts and rewards had been distributed among the participants! I had already claimed the POAP which will allow me to prove my presence at the concerts where I participated but I had not noticed these crates..!

Artists present that day:

  • World Stage: Nancy, Isak’s Island and Magnos (Santaflow) 
  • The Harrison Acoustic Stage: Dan Korn, Lèa Mondo, Djanan Turan, Rioghnach Connolly & Ellis Davies (Honey Feet) and Adam Beattie 
  • The Evolution (Main) Stage: Miya Miya, Louis III, Eyes of Bel, Kj Sawka, Jimmy, Alison Wonderland
  • Jazz Club: Awale
  • Psychedelic Techno Stage: Drunken Kong, Christian Smith
  • OG Smash Stage: Connie Digital, Booboxhead, Mai World, Mighty 33, Sadansolo, Vandal, Will Jeurgens, Coco Mamba, Scrilla, Studio Nouveau

Day 3: Saturday Night Fever With Deadmau5

Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Deadmau5

Saturday is the third day of the festival and like every festival Saturday, it is also in these moments that a new type of audience arrives and this habit was confirmed once again, with many more of us attending!

The sheds offering wearables to buy now are offering a more complete choice to have a souvenir of your favorite artist and the discussions in the aisles are full of lively banter between attendees. Also, a new attraction has appeared, a psychedelic labyrinth!

day 3 Metaverse Festival psychedelic smaze
Metaverse Festival – Psychedelic maze

I return to the Acoustic stage where Léa Mondo offers us a quality performance and where it is possible to obtain a POAP by catching butterflies. Also, more participants wear the colors of Kraken, the main sponsor of the festival.

But let’s go back to the side of the main stage, where once again the scenery has evolved towards what seems to be a rocket launch base on a volcanic planet.

day 3 metaverse festival amber van day
Metaverse Festival – Amber Van Day

The concerts follow one another, the crates continue to appear randomly. But what was particularly striking during this evening were the lights and lasers! Impossible to move without jostling the other participants because of the brightness intensity.

I was used to smoke machines but fortunately this highly bright experience did not prevent me from fully enjoying the quality of the musical performances.

Artists present that day :

  • World Stage: Lokyii, Sofia Campos and Ovy on the drums
  • The Harrison Acoustic Stage: Flats & Sharps, Shama Rahman, Ichi, Leonie Evans, Amadis and the Ambassadors
  • The Evolution (Main) Stage: Conor Byrne, Berry Galazka, Amber Van Day Riz la Vie, Aluna (of Alunageorge) and Deadmau5
  • Jazz Club: Ilario Ferrari Trio
  • Psychedelic Techno Stage: Chaim, Kate Ozz and Danny Tenaglia
  • OG Smash Stage: Connie Digital, Booboxhead, Mai World, Mighty 33, Sadansolo, Vandal, Will Jeurgens, Coco Mamba, Scrilla, Studio Nouveau

Day 4: Last Moments of Festivities with Paris Hilton

Metaverse Festival Decentraland Evolution Stage
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Evolution stage day 4

Last day of the Metaverse Festival, fatigue begins to show with the dedicated participants. But the rumor swells: who will be Paris Hiltons special guest?

Before the crowd arrives to the Main Stage, I take the opportunity to grab some pictures of this new evolution. The Asian neon style differs even more from previous scenes and promises an incredible atmosphere. So I dress accordingly for the décor.

day 4 Metaverse Festival evolution stage besancia
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Evolution stage & Besancia

Then the time for the first concerts arrives, the crowd begins to arrive to listen to Cody Frost, Harrisson First or Spottie Wifi. Musical discoveries, play of lights, technical performances of the guests, luminous gift boxes, search for the avatar of Deadmau5… the festivities continue to follow one another.

day 4 harrison first
Decentraland Metaverse Festival – Harisson First

Then comes the long-awaited moment: The performance of Paris Hilton and her surprise guest. The excitement is at its peak when at midnight UTC the concert begins! A few minutes after the start of the concert, the surprise guest is revealed, it is none other than Fewocious!

day 4 metaverse festival decentraland paris hilton x fewocious
DecentralandMetaverse Festival – Paris Hilton X Fewocious

These few moments had to be savored as indeed, watch in hand, this performance lasted only for 6 minutes!

The disappointment of the participants was palpable. Maybe this particular concert was a little too hyped or festival-goers were expecting a one-hour concert from their favorite artist? 

Artists present that day :

  • World Stage: Renu, Morski, The Virtunaut
  • The Harrison Acoustic Stage: Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band, Mikey Kenney & Friends, Nick Hart & Tom Dipper, Marcus Bonfanti in the Delta Trio, The Turbans Unplugged
  • The Evolution (Main) Stage: Cody Frost, Harrison First, Akira the Don, Spottie Wifi, Fuze the MC, Paris Hilton + Fewocious
  • Jazz Club: Ray Gelato Giants
  • Psychedelic Techno Stage: Area 51 presents – Effective: Orii, Samra and Sawlead
  • OG Smash Stage: Connie Digital, Booboxhead, Mai World, Mighty 33, Sadansolo, Vandal, Will Jeurgens, Coco Mamba, Scrilla, Studio Nouveau

The Metaverse Festival Was A Successful Event

Some lags were felt during periods of high attendance (200-300 people) and some error messages may have cast doubt on if the POAPs had arrived or not in your wallet. But the least we can say is that this first festival was a very successful event!

We are talking here about an event that allowed its participants to be able to enjoy all these artists for free, from any location on the planet with an internet connection (and a computer supporting the graphic load, sometimes high).

From the artists point of view some of them faced quite a technical challenge! All the videos were pre-recorded exclusively for the event, which means that they had to put themselves “in the characters shoes”, sometimes leading to overplaying their role a little..

While some did the recording from a studio in a classic way, others  like Nina Nesbitt used motion capture technologies. All of them played the game to ensure a performance worthy of a festival.

From a participating point of view, this festival was very successful and I would gladly go back!

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