Creating a new metaverse with Magic Collective

A long-awaited use case for NFTs is around their place in the collective Metaverse. Magic Collective wants to create their own NFTs from a new concept in the ecosystem.

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First of its kind game item studio

The ability to have a digital asset that can interact with multiple elements of the same universe is one of the most attractive promises the NFT ecosystem has to offer. Most metaverse projects started with a land sale and then built their universe on it.

But recently, another concept has arrived, building from different objects. Rather than starting with a land, projects can revolve around different assets that make up the game: weapons, equipment, armor..

A pioneer for bottom-up development is Magic Collective, they intend to be the first game item retailer in the metaverse to focus on interoperability. The first drop is their founder-status NFT  collection of 10,000 fantasy characters called GourdLords.

So how was this project conceived and what is its outlook?

Presentation of Magic Collective

Magic Collective was first launched in September  2021, made up of 14 team members, with artists coming from AAA-rated video game studios. The different key artistic roles such as Art Director, Character Designer, Item Illustrator or Background artist all have a dedicated person which is uniquely professional when compared to the current NFT ecosystem where teams might be only 2 or 3 persons

If there is such a large team behind all the artistic aspects around the characters or objects, it is because Magic Collective is one of the first to drive the “Bottom-up development” method.

Basically this method consists of first creating assets and then later reusing them in further development, and allowing all other developers access the usage of these items.

This saves not only resources but above all developer time!  To learn more about this concept, do not hesitate to read this article about bottom-up development which explains this interesting concept in more depth.

A metaverse awaits

For the launch of the Magic Collective project, 10,000 Gourdlords NFTs will are available given token holders access to community giveaways and most importantly all future NFT game items produced by the Magic Collective brand . The pre-sale starting on October 18th will reserve 3 000 NFTs to 1 000 buyers while the second will allow the public to mint the NFT directly.

The Gourdlords will be the equivalent of the founder tokens of the project and will allow access to different exclusive benefits for their holder. For the moment, a mint of free items (+ gas fees of course) has been announced but it is important to know that these objects have a special importance.

Indeed, Magic Collective has placed the various objects at the center of the project. The long-term goal is to become the leader in interoperable game item design creating many availability items, artifacts, resources and other elements of video games that will be usable and valuable in a metaverse.

As mentioned earlier, these different elements will be reused again at a later point. The entire metaverse will be built around the possible interactions with weapons, torches, magic books…and more!

Owning a character will therefore be just as important as owning the objects of the game.


The point of all Magic Collective is to have the next-gen inventory metaverse items. It will be possible to use all these objects in the already existing metaverse but all will have the brand quality of Magic Collective.

Just like a kind of big store where users can buy and sell their items, Magic Collective does not intend to stop only at their initial creation. Indeed, brands chosen by their community will also participate in the creation and the 14 people of the team are only a start.

This opens the door to many possibilities, both through the expertise of users and external actors.

By positioning itself as a supplier of equipment and other objects of decentralized avatars, Magic Collective should quickly become a must-have in customization!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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