Art & The Metaverse: The perfect fit?

The artistic world is constantly being highlighted in the world of NFTs. This week, many events took place in the Metaverse to celebrate artists!

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After the publication of our report on art market trends in 2018 and 2019 in NFT, we decided to rest take full advantage of the artistic projects presented.

There are many spaces for artists wishing to promote their work in the crypto-sphere. The pioneers in this area are obviously the marketplaces as SuperRare, Known Origin, or Makersplace, and have been closely followed by non-fungible token creation platforms such as Mintbase and Mintable.

All that was missing was a space that could accommodate the public so that they could exhibit their works. And what could be better than virtual reality to host this kind of digital content?

The Voxels multiverse is the most suitable place if you are looking for artists who want to make themselves known, we went there to enjoy the exhibitions there and we were not disappointed!

In parallel, Decentraland scheduled 10-day artistic events to showcase the talents of crypto-sphere! Each day a new space was opened to discover the exhibitions of the most famous marketplaces and events were organized every evening.

Put on your VR gear if you have one, or use your desktop browser, and follow the guide!


Appearing shortly after Decentraland, the world of Voxels is very similar to Minecraft aesthetically. Everything in this universe is made up of blocks and all the decorations you will find there have been imagined and built by land owners.

Freedom of creation is the greatest strength of Voxels and its users very quickly understood! Just wander a little on the map to understand the architectural coherence is limited only by the functions of the game.

But beyond the artistic surprises of some owners, it is also a space that has been designed to be able to integrate images on all the walls.

This is why many artists quickly took over and invested this universe in order to exhibit their works, but not only! It is also possible to organize conferences or festive spaces because sound was very quickly supported by the platform.

From the start, the Voxels team has worked hand in hand with its community to be able to offer the most suitable experience and tools possible. Many updates are regularly published (for new/custom textures, teleporting, new colours…) to the delight of users.

The images you see on the walls are not all NFTs that can be purchased. Until JR is convinced of the potential of blockchain, it is still nice to see his works in this universe.

If you are looking for galleries of crypto-artists, you won’t have to walk very long to come across them!

So do not hesitate to go and discover these different small museums that are really on every corner, you can find nice surprises!

In addition, you will be able to buy the work you like directly in CryptoVoxels with some help from OpenSea in just a few clicks!

So, we encourage you to discover this universe which continues to evolve day by day, and to put you in good conditions of discovery we advise you to always remember this quote from Picasso during your walks.

“Every child is an artist, The project is to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso


Do we still need to present Decentraland? An early multiverse, it is above all a great land for real estate speculation.

LAND prices being prohibitively expensive, few people can afford to buy one. But fortunately today, more and more functionality allows the general public to access it without the need for technical skills.

On the occasion of this week dedicated to art, the good news for amateurs is that it is possible today to see galleries of artists known or not in the industry.

The “Museum” exhibition space offers short-term rental of small galleries to display your works. This offers excellent visibility to all who wish for a very affordable price.

In the center of this district is a huge museum which houses various works on several floors and, in some places, an audio recording of the artist.

Each of the works present are NFTs which can be purchased directly inside the Decentraland Metaverse!

If you prefer Pixel Art, there is also a whole gallery dedicated to this art! (PixelChain)

On the Marketplace side, we have seen that the buildings compete in beauty and architectural ingenuity. It is quite impressive to see these constructions put side by side and to be able to admire what it is now possible to do in Decentraland today.

The identity of each of these platforms is marked and it is immediately obvious when we arrive facing the imposing structures they represent.

At the time of writing, not all of the galleries were open yet but, just missing out on them really makes you want to take a look.

To allow you to quickly find yourself on the map, do not hesitate to press the Tab key, it is now extremely easy to teleport wherever you want!

Artistic NFTs have a bright future in the metaverse

Now that we know objectively that the first two years of the art sector in NFTs may have been difficult for both artists and marketplaces, today that sector has taken it to a whole new level.

The Metaverse as demonstrated by CryptoVoxels and Decentraland are positioning themselves more than ever as showcases capable of hosting events of all types, and more broadly, as catalysts of social life around NFTs.

The Metaverse has yet to prove itself and highlight the use cases to which they can respond. These types of events thus present the double virtue of bringing visibility to crypto-artists and art marketplaces, but also of staging the potential of the Metaverse.

This positions them over time as key players in the development of other segments of the NFT ecosystem. The maturation of the sector continues to evolve and this is excellent news!

Perhaps the Coronavirus was a vector of acceleration and improvement, however it was the talent of the teams that allowed such rapid advancement.

Artistic NFTs still have bright future, thanks to the adaptability and integration of this technology to all teams that make up this ecosystem.

We therefore wish you to encourage the artists who make you feel something when you come across their work to join the Metaverse!

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