A mission through the Decentraland beta

We had the chance to discover the landscapes and experiences offered by the most anticipated metaverse of the year: Decentraland! Are you eager to see the metaverse? We are!

besancia ·  · 09/17/19 ·  3 min

Today I received a strange email saying that I was chosen. Chosen for a mission, which, if I accepted it, would take me through Decentraland to show me the different scenery and landscapes of this metaverse.

The given instructions allow us to go to special places, so I went for a little tour to observe and do a little photography.

This event is a follow-up to others that have occurred in some areas of the map since the launch of the beta, but the advantage of this mission is that it has no set time.
Anyone with access to Decentraland will be able to participate when he or she wishes!

Walk of fame and Art Galery

Start the adventure at Shwedagon Pagoda (78,-11) to apprehend the controls of the game. You will notice that if the scene is not charged you will not be able to access it! Take the time to watch the animation of the scenery’s construction until you can continue your walk.

The visit continues to Crypto Valley Boulevard (60,20). You will have noticed that the URL acts as localization, you will be able to teleport directly where you want on the map by modifying it!

The first part of the mission brings us to a “Walk of Fame” of the different actors of the Crypto-space. Feel free to step on the pieces to light your way!

By observing a little around, we will find two galleries of art, one is open and the other under construction. We cannot wait to see the NFT mascot hanging on these walls one day!

Mission 1

Look and count the paintings in the Open Art Gallery… Look well! it’s your first (x) coordinate.

Go back to the Boulevard and count the pieces on the Walk of Fame… This is your second (y) coordinate.

You can now teleport to the next point!

An afternoon at the GAS station

We arrived in the middle of a kind of activity park for children, without knowing where to go exactly… but fortunately, the instructions are clear: you have to walk east and look for black towers.

Continuing your route you will come across a station “ZION”, with statues of Gecko (more or less) at work!

But by the way, did you notice the clock not far from the towers?

Mission 2

Taking into account that we are the afternoon, note the time. What time, out of 24, will it be in 10 minutes?

Note this number, this is your first (x) coordinate.

Now, advance to the Gas Station. How many bottles of wine are in the fridge? This is your second (y) coordinate.

You can now teleport to the next point!

The comfort of a house

And here we are next to a very modern designed house. Although the landscape seems a little empty, let’s not forget that this world is still under construction! If you are going to take a look around, you will see a festival getting ready but for now, let’s take a look inside this house. Watch the comfort of this space dedicated to VR …

Mission 3

Count how many people could sit comfortably on these sofas. This is your first (x) coordinate.

And how much do you screen in total? This is your second (y) coordinate.

All you have to do is go to the last zone by teleporting yourself again.

The Ascension

After a while, a samurai statue will give you a clue as to where to go. Continuing your way, go through the door and enjoy a visit to the Plaza.

Mission 4

To finish this mission, find the tower on the highest mountain between the two statues of Boudha.

And here you are, you have succeeded and finished this mission! You can now rest in this little shelter after you find it!

If you do not know where to start, we recommend you take a look at NFTPlazas to find the rental of mini-games, districts, or places to see and more general information.


Several defects related to the Beta status of the game may be annoying (loading time can be long for heavy scenes, bugs when moving, slowdowns may appear at times) but overall, the game is fluid and the animation of the scenes’ appearance makes the wait rather pleasant.

For the moment, there is a lot of empty space but the scenes present are still a pretty little surprise! Some are really creative while others are a bit more random…

So I found the experience pleasant but, I can’t wait to get more interaction with the other elements of the game.


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