Join an intergalactic wrestling league with Wrejects!

Wrejects is a play-to-earn intergalactic wrestling game! The idea was born in 2021 with the desire to offer a game in a new genre driven by a team passionate about video games and new experiences.

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Wrejects is a play-to-earn intergalactic wrestling game! The idea was born in 2021 with the desire to offer a game in a new genre driven by a team passionate about video games and new experiences.

The founders of the Wrejects team have known each other since 2001. The studio behind this intergalactic wrestling project is Boss Cannon Studios. Check out their team below: 

  • Casey Copeland: Creator of the project and  “idea generator” of the team
  • Jeremy Manning: Art director and team organization lead
  • Jason Manning: Artist and lead copywriter
  • Vincent Ferguson: Motion Graphic Designer, Video
  • Aidan Manning: The Public Relations guy. He’s the one you’ll see in every meeting

The core game is Player vs Player (PVP), but Wrejects will offer other possibilities to the players! In addition to the NFTs offered to start playing, other game modes are available.

Wrejects, game assets and $PAIN

Several elements will be put into place in order to have the richest possible gaming experience. First of all, the central element of the game: choosing a fighter. You’ll have the choice of a Wreject or Corp Bot, both equally matched when it comes to their effectiveness in the arena. There are only 150 Wrejects per drop, each having unique art, backstories, stats, and abilities. Your role will be to be their manager, though you’ll have direct control of them during turn-based combat – lead them to victory and earn rewards

2,500 Corp Bots are available to manage each drop as well. There are five different models of Corp Bots, each with five different paint designs, that then have 100 different, hand selected color variations per. Backstories, attributes, and special moves are unique to each model as well. Corp Bots may not have the same individuality of the Wrejects themselves, but they do offer just as good an opportunity to win. 

To help you in your battles, it will be possible to collect three types of items: offensive, defensive, and single-use. “Single-use” simply meaning once per match.  There are 40 unique items in the first mint, each having different uses that will both boost and nerf attributes of your character, so choose wisely.

And finally, the particularity of the project: the arenas. Indeed, the latter will also be NFTs that will allow you to host serious fights or simply train with your friends. These arenas will have effects that will directly affect your strategy for any fight. 

How to Earn in Wrejects

wrejects demon card
Wrejects demon chest

Painium ($PAIN) is the official token of Wrejects, and will be able to be earned in multiple ways when playing. First, you’ll earn Painium in each match you participate in, win or lose. Tournaments will be regularly hosted, which will have large sums of Painium as the reward. If you own a Wreject you’ll also be able to put them up for rent in Arcade Mode, giving you the ability to generate passive income by holding your Wreject.

Arcade Mode allows you to play Wrejects without purchasing any NFTs, only requiring you to own Painium to pay the renter’s fee. The renters will also be able to earn in Arcade Mode by participating in matches, meaning profit is achievable without having to make a purchase.

250 staking plots are only available for Wrejects first four drops, so only 1,000 will ever be produced. When you purchase a Painium mining plot you will become the owner of a Painium mining field on the planet of Pakanthi, which is where the Wrejects Galactic Wrestling League is hosted. You’ll see a portion of the profits from every piece of Painium that is mined in your plot of land. You’ll also be supporting the early days of the Wrejects League, which will not go unnoticed. 

What is the Wrejects roadmap?

During Q1 2022, the various social networks were established. The platform has grown and there was an airdrop for early adopters. It was also the occasion to have the first drop of the first series of Wrejects, Corp Bots, Items, Arenas, and Claims.

In Q2 2022, several tools will see the light of day such as the marketplace and NFT analytics. This will also be the time to test the game in alpha and share your feedback with the Wrejects team. The second presale of game items will also be scheduled for Q2 2022.

Then will follow the IDO for the token $PAIN, the transition to beta, a new airdrop and a new NFT drop with new game items. The full roadmap is available directly on their website.

Do not hesitate to follow them on their various official communication channels:


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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