The top 10 biggest sales in the Aavegotchi Baazaar

Aavegotchi’s dedicated NFT marketplace sees over 11 Million USD worth of volume in the first two weeks.

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After a particularly successful first portal haunt (everything sold out in less than 2 minutes), the time has come to take stock of this first Haunt as well as the various sales made on Aavegotchi’s secondary market.

Don’t know what a Haunt or an Aavegotchi is? Do not hesitate to (re-)read the article we wrote on the subject where we detail all the fundamental aspects of this game mixing NFT x DeFI!

For months, everything has been designed so that this first Haunt delivers 10,000 portals and with a hype having reached an unprecedented level, more than 25,000 users connected to the site at the same time! Many users who were waiting for their digital ghost were therefore disappointed and the influx was such that even some core team members did not succeed in getting any portals!

While the AavegotchiDAO is discussing a potential second Haunt, let’s take a closer look at the activity of the Baazaar, Aavegotchi’s secondary market!

An already very active secondary market

As soon as the Haunt 1 began, the Aavegotchi Baazaar immediately turned into one of the most important and fun features of the game. Exploring the various portals, wearables and Aavegotchis has become an addicting past time for many.

In just over two weeks, the Baazaar volume has exceeded 7.8 million $GHST (currently worth around 12M USD) as players trade everything from wizard hats and trait boosting potions to unopened portals and waifu pillows. 

Indeed, haggling can go a long way — especially when it’s gas-free and powered by Polygon, the L2 solution Pixelcraft Studios chose to launch Aavegotchi on. 

To illustrate the magnitude of the demand the Baazaar is experiencing, here are the top ten biggest sellers so far:

1 – Portal #1 – 75000 $GHST

Owning the first portal from the first haunt is much like owning the Genesis tweet, and can be worth a lot more in the future as the Aavegotchi realm unfolds. Just remember that there is Portal #0 out there too, currently listed in the Baazaar for 500,000 $GHST ?.

2 – Godlike Stani Hair – 70000 $GHST

aavegotchi stani hair

There are only five wearables dedicated to Aave founder Stani Kulchov’s well-groomed mop and one of them just went for $107,000 USD value at time of sale on March 20th! 

This marks a new all time high for any wearable item in the Aavegotchi universe. The Stani Hair item boosts Brain Size by 3 points and chills your gotchi with -3 Aggression. On top of these individual trait boosters, all Godlike rarities offer an additional +50 to the Aavegotchi’s Base Rarity Score (BRS).

3 – Portal #2 – 60000 $GHST

We imagine it felt similar to buying Portal #1, but with a nice discount. Super OG vibes all around.

4 – Godlike Wizard Hat – 55000 $GHST

5 – Godlike Wizard Hat – 38000 $GHST

There is a sizable gap between the fourth and fifth biggest sellers, although they represent the same wearable (but different copies, as proven by the blockchain) – a prime example of the power of bargaining (and timing) on a secondary market.

Only five of this Godlike version of the classic Wizard Hat exist and each offers powerful trait boosters. Equipping one grants your Aavegotchi +2 Spookiness and +4 Brain Size. Simply put, these are the best Wizard hats a gotchi can wear.

6 – Aavegotchi: Big Bang (ID: 67) – 45000 $GHST

aavegotchi big bang

The new twitter bot (@gotchibot) is an amazing resource for following real-time trading of Aavegotchis (not wearables and portals yet). This weekend, the twitter handle broke the news of a new all-time high selling Aavegotchi named BIG BANG. Other than a great name, it’s stats reveal more insights into why this Aavegotchi just sold for 45,000 $GHST!

Traits range from 0-100 and this gotchi loves the high 90’s with near perfect eye shape (TUSD themed) and based aggression scores. This is enough to lock in a 569 Base Rarity Score and its additional wearables are currently resulting in a very impressive 583 Rarity Score

7 – Aavegotchi: Unicron (ID 8062) – 35000 $GHST

aavegotchi uni

Unicron (assumedly named with a nod to Transformers and Uniswap at the same time) is currently wielding a pickaxe while casually holding a cozy coconut drink in the other hand. It’s personality traits reveal a very cuddly spookiness rating that is balanced by high aggression at the same time! Also, those 99 mythical eyes on a UNI-staked Gotchi are indeed priceless.  

8 – Llamacorn T-shirt  – 34000 $GHST

aavegotchi llamacorn shirt

Inspired by the one and only Vitalik and his knack distinct fashion, this is one of only five Llamacorn t-shirts existing in the Aavegotchi metaverse. A real-life version of Vitalik’s signature t-shirt might go for even more, but how would you know whether it is really his if it’s not on the blockchain? 

aavegotchi dynamic onchain data

This body type wearable can be equipped to help move your Aavegotchi’s Energy and Aggression traits further along the left side of the personality bell curve. If your gotchi is ready to to get zenned out, Llamacorn is the shirt!

aavegotchi comparaison

9 – Aavegotchi: YFI (ID 1306) – 32000 $GHST

Tying for ninth and tenth are two Gotchis with roughly the same BRS. The first here is “YFI” It needs some clothes but is boasting an impressive base of 567. Get this YFI-staked Aavegotchi a few wearables and watch it climb the charts!

10 – Aavegotchi: THE WEEKND (ID 2348) – 32000 $GHST

“The Weeknd” is currently placed in the top-20 of kinships with a “Chummy” 78 kinship score. Someone is getting pet everyday! What’s more, it has clearly established itself as the gotchi with the best array of equipped wearables on today’s list.

Aavegotchi NFTs farm $GHST tokens

Aavegotchis and their various NFT game items are 100% on-chain collectible art but they are also full of competitive gaming utility. All the traits and rarity scores described above play a role in the soon to launch first season of Rarity Farming. This is a game of rarity that looks at all the available on-chain metadata to determine which gotchis are the rarest, happiest and most active. A massive 1.4 Million $GHST tokens are already secured (40% of the launch drop sales total) in a rewards pool for the first season, starting on April 20th, 2021!

By virtue of existing, all Aavegotchis will automatically be entered into this first season of Rarity Farming. For your part, you want to help your gotchis climb three different leaderboards that measure different aspects of each Aavegotchi and reward them with GHST in kind:

  1. Rarity Score
  2. Kinship Score
  3. XP Score

The rarity leaderboard looks at your Aavegotchi + any equipped wearables to determine where your gotchi ranks amongst its peers. You want to achieve as high of a rarity score as possible.

Kinship simply looks at the top kinship scores across all Aavegotchis and ranks accordingly. Boost this by interacting with your Aavegotchi once every 12 hours. Pet it, change it’s clothes or whatever you like because each on-chain interaction is affordable thanks to Aavegotchi deploying onto Ethereum’s layer 2 solution Polygon (formerly known as Matic Network).

XP is earned through community engagement. By voting in the DAO’s core proposals or attending sanctioned virtual events in the Discord or elsewhere, your Aavegotchi becomes eligible to earn XP and level up.

aavegotchi rarity farming

The first season is distributing the entirety of the 1.4 Million $GHST over an 8 week period. Every two weeks an on-chain snapshot occurs to see where your Aavegotchi ranks on the charts. Payouts follow each round and a final bonus round is being funded to the tune of 50,000 $GHST by the core dev team Pixelcraft Studios. These additional $GHST will be awarded to the Aavegotchis that performed best on a cumulative basis across all four rounds!

The highest earning Aavegotchis stand to harvest tens of thousands of dollars worth of $GHST while the distribution curve also offers a long tail of rewards so that the top 5000 Aavegotchis (nearly all currently summoned gotchis!) can enjoy farming across each of the three categories. 

Basically, if you have an Aavegotchi and are putting in some basic effort to engage with it, you can expect a clean shot at farming rarity this April!

aavegotchi wearables set

The best resource for preparing is the community maintained wiki: wiki.aavegotchi.com and more specifically, be sure to check out the master list of all wearables and their various trait boosting effects

The top ten sales in the Baazaar will likely continue to shift a lot as Rarity Farming kicks into effect. Expect new wearables and more Aavegotchi to populate our world soon enough. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

Getting started with Aavegotchi

Aavegotchis are on-chain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens (known as maTokens on layer 2).

Compete for player rewards by earning XP, leveling up, and increasing the rarity of your Aavegotchi fren. Aavegotchi is governed by the AavegotchiDAO via the native eco-governance token $GHST. Summon your first Aavegotchi and join the future of DeFi-staked NFT avatars!

Explore the Baazaar and play now at Aavegotchi.com

Join the conversation at Aavegotchi Discord or Telegram


Thanks to its Polygon (formerly Matic) roots, anyone can enjoy this blockchain game without worrying about the fees. However, we must not forget that Aavegotchi is still only at its launch and that even if the expectations surrounding the game are high, the project will continue to solidify over time.

This top 10 of the best sellers is only the submerged part of the iceberg of the secondary market, it should also be remembered that the Maall (primary market for accessories) is currently sold out and that all of the items are being exchanged today in the Baazaar! The community is strongly encouraged to participate in discussions on the forum or the project Discord in order to best define the future of Aavegotchi.

This first haunt was only the launching stage and there is still a lot to build in this new emerging multiverse!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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