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An underestimated use of NFTs is their link with the world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance). A few projects exist but an effective balance between finance and the visual flora of the NFT world is sometimes difficult to find…This is something Wolves of Wall Street intends to solve!

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Over the past year DeFi has been developing at a rapid pace, but its spread into the world of NFTs as a viable option for traders and finance has been slower. NFTs provide an ability to wrap tokens and value and provide a viable container that can prove very useful.

However the merging of its visual abilities plus these DeFi centric skill sets have been limited. Even less can be found utilizing the multi power of Semi Fungible Tokens which can be both unique art and fungible value, until now. 

Getting to grips with DeFi can be complicated for anybody who hasn’t mastered the technical and financial aspects related to the blockchain. Even casual investors with over 6 months experience can still find some aspects confusing.

But some experienced traders have learned how to leverage these aspects and are always looking for new tools to put together the most effective trading strategies and profit making. Perhaps the most successful use cases of NFTs in DeFi will reveal themselves from this hybrid community?

This is what The Wolves of Wall Street is betting on by focusing more specifically on Semi-Fungible Tokens which provide the ability to add a fun visual characterisation to ease entry level investors into the DeFi space as well as the innovation to attract hardcore DeFi traders and investors.

C-Folios and Semi Fungible Tokens

wolves of wall street cfolio

The use of SFTs within the WOWS ecosystem is centred around their CryptoFolios or C-Folios™ and are visualised as Liquidity Pool Trader Wolves or the Stablecoin Business Bois (aka dogs).

The LP Wolf traders are eager for a quick profit and only want one thing: to make money, whatever the cost, but they are also the main token holders and support the growth of the token.

The second group, the Business Bois (dogs), consists of stablecoin farmers. They create the Total Value Locked of invested stablecoin, a key metric in DeFi, and are long term players, but are also accused by token holders of not contributing enough to the tokens health, having only to invest in stablecoins with minimal token buy in.

In this way, WOWS visualizes the opposing pillars of AMM and lending with 2 factions cut from the same cloth Wolves and Bois and reveal their dynamics within DeFi for a wider audience.

Having your own C-Folios™ , the token that acts as a portfolio for your LP and stablecoin investments has multiple advantages

All annual earnings, collectables and LP values can go into your own unique SFT C-Folios™. Everything in that C-Folios™ can be managed by you, whether you take your rewards out or you take your investment NFTS out, each element can be sold separately OR together by you as a user at any time.

The next user of your C-Folios™ can then have all your collectables, rewards and value and use it again as they wish on the WOWS platform.

Other more serious future financial applications can be found such as the CRO (Collateralised Rewards Obligation) a new term created by the WOWS team and made possible by using the SFTs.

This involves the ability to collect multiple stacked LP investment NFTs with a high risk but high rewards percentage and stable coin investments NFTs with a low risk (and slightly lower rewards percentage) – and spread a ratio of risk in one financial vehicle so there is more chance of higher profits since there is also a bigger buffer that serves as collateral. 

wolves of wall street apy

This possibility of new ways to utilize SFTs in the financial sector has caught the attention of some influential people in the Financial sector namely Massimo Buonomo the Former UN Global expert in BlockchAIot, blockchain and a current advisor and consultant for international organizations, central banks and corporates, as well as financial institutions in Dubai.

Other future use cases, already in the roadmap beyond the Lp staking and stable lending investment NFTs are clear:

  • Being able to own a fraction of an NFT like real estate.
  • Using SFT as collateral for a loan.
  • Create a SaaS for artists who want to create C-Folios from their own work.
  • Automating Yield Farming with several protocols (such as Curve, Yearn.finance, etc.) to avoid the need to manually stake and unstake your funds.

Upcoming news and events for WOWS.

The team are currently building up to their imminent launch of their stablecoin and LP staking C-folio dApp where the core features of the C-Folio will be revealed. The 2nd batch of 280 new C-Folios are available for purchase.

As the first pre-sale sold out very quickly, it is important to remind those who are interested that it is necessary to pay in $WOWS to get in.

To add a layer of security upstream, The Wolves of Wall Street made a partnership with COVER recently in order to be able to ensure the investments. Other partnerships are in the pipeline but it will be necessary to watch out for official announcements from the team.

The team have also announced a very important strategic partnership with NFY.finance and their owners MIMIR CORPORATION. MIMIR is fast positioning itself as a major player in the DeFi and blockchain scene, having just been announced as an official collaborative partner of the Geometric Space Corp and now infamous Dogecoin Cubesat Space X Launch in July 2022.

WOWS & NFY will actively cross collaborate on new projects under the MIMIR brand. Cyotee and MIMIR Devs will help push through certain new features on the WOWS platform, whilst also working together with the WOWS team to create a shared token pool and other unique C-Folios will be created to represent the new team members of MIMIR.

And of course the biggest event after the platform launch is the World’s First Global DeFi Summit in Dubai on the 2-3rd of June, where the founders of WOWS tristan and Mateen will be presenting WOWS to affluent investors and mixing and meeting with many of the leaders in the blockchain sector.

The Team Presentation

wolves of wall street team

Appearing in late 2020, The Wolves of Wall Street team does not hide behind anonymity and makes themselves known from the first article on their Medium page:

  • Tristan (@TristanVert) – Lead Project Manager : Investor since 2017 in cryptos, he has experienced the worst and the best aspects of management related to ICOs. He has notably developed Dapp related to DeFI since such as: NFY.finance, XMM.momentum, and Yeld.io 
  • Markus (@peak3d1) – Full Stack Developer : After 35 years in different positions as CTO or Lead of Innovation.
  • Garret (@eigendude1) – Lead Solidity Dev : formerly streaming engineering, embedded systems engineering and most recently climate tech engineering.
  • Mateen (@Mateen_OD) – Marketing Manager, experienced innovator, entrepreneur and product developer with working experience in the fields of entertainment, music, tourism and crypto.
  • Danny (@Danzel62598317) – Marketing manager (ASIA)

Proud of their skill set and respective experiences, The Wolves of Wall Street puts themselves forward to show that “they have nothing to hide” in a Universe where the risks are very numerous.

DeFI is an extremely young environment and that is why the team wants to be reassuring and authentic about themselves and the implementation and security of their project.

A powerful DeFi tool

Although it is mainly the NFT art sector that has been talked about since the beginning of the year, this use of semi-fungible tokens in such an innovative way is particularly interesting for all who operate in the Decentralized Finance sector.

By specializing in DeFI to offer increasingly powerful tools, The Wolves of Wall Street have managed to create a very powerful financial project in record time. Indeed, as we said above, such intensive use of Decentralized Finance is still very young in the crypto ecosystem, which tends to make investors wary. 

But the Wolves of Wall Street are reaching out directly to experts to make it easier for traders to do create new opportunities in DeFi and for beginner investors, a visually led fun interactive process to make their first steps.

It will be necessary to observe the results of various C-folios to form an opinion on their effectiveness and to make a choice according to their chosen strategy!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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