.ART Domains continue to empower its community by linking it to the world of crypto with a new partnership

While the crypto market might be facing some turbulence, the trust being placed by the creative community into NFTs and other Blockchain solutions is still on the rise.

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In May 2022, Christie’s sold “Living Architecture: Casa Batlló” by Refik Anadol for USD 1,380,000. It is the first live dynamic and generative NFT of its kind using environmental data gathered in real-time from sensors placed around Gaudi’s infamous Barcelona building.

Dozens of digital artists that are just beginning their journey have had their breakthroughs with the help of NFTs as well. Take Fvckrender, who specializes in colorful geometric-architectural art. The 1,970 NFTs he produced of his “rewiring the brain” piece sold for an average of $4,541 each, making him one of the most successful NFT artists.

Photographers are also exploring the opportunities offered by crypto even if they’re not always trading in their original mediums. Smithsonian-featured artist Trey Ratcliff who also runs the world’s #1 travel photography blog in the world released an NFT-edition of Beautiful Cities of the World which comprises a selection of 50 images. But here’s the beauty of crypto: there’s no need to have an established name to succeed.

Ghozali’s Everyday collection is made of 933 self-portraits that Ghozalo of himself between ages 18 and 22 for a school video. He then decided to turn them into NFTs on the OpenSea market. The collection was launched in January 2022 at $3 – however the floor price quickly reached $3000 apiece. 

refik anadol
“Living Architecture: Casa Batlló” by Refik Anadol – live in Barcelona

.ART and the NFT artists community

Lately the community of .ART, the fastest growing domain for creatives that recently celebrated its five-year anniversary, has been joined by hundreds of projects and artists working with crypto and exploring the opportunities offered by web3. Among them are NFT marketplaces such as async.art and meta.art, liquidity pool all.art, the collaborative community with integrated blockchain option dada.art and digital artists like xcopy.art and Pak, who has an ongoing project on burn.art. It is also home to snark.art and og.art, which are offering artists a platform that bridges a gap between traditional and crypto art markets. 

The evolution of digital services that artists receive from .ART has been fast. You can use .ART as a domain name – to showcase your crypto-related project or NFT collection with a clearly identifiable website name. Moreover, you can use the same domain as a memorable crypto currency wallet address for receiving multiple currencies, tokens or NFTs – thanks to the possibility of integrating it with Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Certificate your artwork with .ART Digital Twin

Back in 2019 .ART presented its Digital Twin product at Apsara Conference, organized annually by the Alibaba Group. With .ART Digital Twin you can create a secure digital certificate of authenticity for your artwork, store information about it and monetize it by using a built-in, no-coding NFT minting solution.

Leveraging the easy-to-understand technology of domain names and using an international standard for describing cultural objects developed by the J. Paul Getty Trust, Digital Twin by .ART provides a sophisticated but intuitive art object identification tool. The product is currently in its beta version and is being tailored towards the needs of the creative community. 

Partnership with Verisart

Timed to coincide with NFT.NYC, the premier annual NFT conference, .ART has also teamed up with Verisart, a leading web3 platform where creators mint, sell and connect. Now, Verisart is among the handful of approved apps available in the Shopify NFT Beta Program, which enables Shopify merchants to sell NFTs through a Shopify storefront and accept payment with Shopify Payments.

The no-code solution app enables eligible Shopify Plus merchants to easily mint and sell NFTs through their own storefronts and supports different blockchains, collector rewards and minting 1/1s or 10k drops on Ethereum and Polygon. Customers can claim their purchased NFTs from a personalized dashboard in the merchant’s store. .ART’s community will receive a 25% discount on any plan for the Verisart Shopify App and can apply for Shopify’s NFT Beta Program. 

shopify dot art nft

Supporting more creators in their Web3 journey

“.ART has essentially been built on ideas and strategies that were novel to the domain community.” Said Ulvi Kasimov, Founder of .ART Domains. “As we continue to innovate and conceptualize new products, we are also thrilled to be able to partner with like-minded companies like Verisart that strive to democratize the art market and already have solutions in place to facilitate that.”

Robert Norton, CEO and co-founder of Verisart, adds: “We are committed to empowering creators with the technology they need to thrive. Our Shopify App makes it easier than ever for merchants to control how their NFTs are sold. By working with the .ART community, we aim to support more creators in their web3 journey.” 

All in all, venturing into the unknown crypto world can seem quite intimidating. However, doing so with the help of well-established platform such as Shopify, in tandem with art community oriented companies such as Verisart and .ART Domains, is a little less of a challenge – perhaps, it can even be an adventure. 

Get 50% OFF on all .ART domains and launch your journey into crypto. Use promo code VERISXART on get.art or check with your registrar. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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