How engaged are blockchain gamers?

Blockchain players are more and more numerous every month! But how often do they play? Are they regular or casual players?

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Who are the blockchain gamers?

Blockchain players are more and more numerous every month! But how often do they play? Are they regular or casual players?

We shared an analysis of the community structure in blockchain gaming, as well as a complete panorama of the first half of 2019.

Knowing the number of blockchain players, and measuring areas of adhesions between projects is important. However, the community engagement rate must be measured by taking into account the connection frequency of the players.

Community commitment rate: the key metric

At NonFungible.com we place a high value on the player engagement rate as we believe it is one of the best health indicators in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Beyond transaction volumes, or amounts traded each week in USD, we remain convinced that the explosion of gaming blockchain will come from a passionate and involved community.

This analysis is part of this desire to find the most relevant indicators to build a valid overview of the ecosystem.

Our methodology

We based our analysis on all the active addresses that interacted with a project’s set of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, over the period from 01/01/2019 to 31/08/2019, for a period of 8 months.

20 projects and blockchain games were analyzed.

Of course, this data has been deduplicated, and we took care to remove all addresses with abnormal behavior (Bot / Test addresses / Fake volume / …).

How to read the charts?

For each project analyzed, you will find a chart such as this one, showing the distribution of its players according to their frequency of connection over the period from January to August 2019.

The diagram is read from right to left:

  • In blue, players have only been active for one month, regardless of the month and the number of interactions during that month
  • Orange: players who have been active for two months over the period, not necessarily consecutive
  • And so on until the brown zone at the top of the pie chart, which represents the percentage of players who have been active over the months (8 months out of 8)

We invite you to give more importance to the last section of the chart (brown), which in our opinion represents the behavior of a regular player.

The results

Axie Infinity

Blockchain Cuties


(Blockcities data starts in April 2019. The base is 5 months and not 8)


Chibi Fighters







Gods Unchained

Known Origin

Marble Cards


MLB Champions



Neon District



We observe that blockchain games face a real challenge, regarding user-engagement.

Communities are getting bigger every month, but the real challenge is now to build loyalty among these communities, to ensure the development of the ecosystem and to obtain a loyal user base.

Some games, such as Blockchain Cuties, are already getting a good commitment-rate from their community, with over 10% of their community converted to regular players.

In most cases, 1 to 5% of players interact each month with their game.

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