We’ve valued one of the biggest NFT portfolios in the world!

Do you know the most expensive NFT in the world? Formula 1-1-1 sold by F1 Delta Time in 2019! We have assessed its value, among several thousand other NFTs, in what is probably the most valuable portfolio of digital assets in the world to date.

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Do you know about one of the most expensive NFTs in existence? Formula 1, 1-1-1 sold by F1 Delta Time in 2019! We’ve assessed its value, among several thousand other NFTs in what is arguably the most valuable portfolio of digital assets in the world to date.

What is the MetaPurse Fund?

The MetaPurse Fund is an investment fund which specializes in the identification and early-stage investment of innovative and promising NFT projects.

They have already invested in a large portfolio of projects. Among the most famous are held in the metaverses of Decentraland, CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space as well as exceptional collectibles such as F1 Delta Time and also in the Arts with Async Art, SuperRare and MakersPlace.

The Fund is funded by MetaKovan and co-managed by Twobadour.

The MetaPurse Fund called upon NonFungible.com to produce a Quarterly Valuation of their portfolio and thus ensure the transparency of the process backed by a recognized trusted third party.

As MetaKovan said to NonFungible.com:

This audit is a great tool because it gives us a much more clear indicator of where to put our money next.

MetaKovan, MetaPurse Fund founder

A $3.2 Million Portfolio..

The evaluated portfolio has a total value of $3.2 million or about 7,200 $ETH.

The portfolio is divided between 15 wallets and 2,015 assets from 18 different projects. The distribution of assets between projects is as indicated in the chart below.

The value lies mainly in the metaverse and more precisely Decentraland, with more than 70% of the value in LAND & ESTATES.

The MetaPurse Fund owns one of the largest ESTATES on the map (made up of 546 plots), side by side to a set of 705 individual plots.

This set represents a potential ESTATE of 1,275 LAND with an estimated value of more than $1.8 Million.

Find the details of these charts, the full results of the audit and all of our methodologies explained in the audit available here.

..and probably more!

In the audit you will notice that some assets contained in the different wallets have not been estimated. Only the purchase value of these assets has been taken into account, for the moment.

These assets are

  • An Urbit Galaxy, for which no on-chain transaction allows an estimate of its value to date
  • SoRare cards hosted on the Loom side-chain, which NonFungible.com does not support, yet.

The total purchase value of these assets is $925,524.

How much is the once most expensive NFT in the world worth now?

One of the main challenges of this Portfolio Valuation has been to estimate extremely rare, unique and exclusive assets, starting with F1 Delta Time 1-1-1 sold in May 2019, for an incredible price of 415.9 ETH (~$111k).

Based on the market trends of comparable assets (Legendary & APEX cars) between the primary and secondary market, we observed an average increase of 11% in the $ETH value of these types of exclusive asset. Since “APEX” cars have no existing secondary market volume, we’ve taken the average growth from the Legendary asset class and applied that to the Apex class.

Thus, we estimate to date that the F1 Delta Time 1-1-1 is currently worth 461.65 ETH (approximately $ 210,000).

Read the complete portfolio valuation

If you would like to learn more about the methodologies applied, the distribution of value between projects and read all the conclusions of our audit, we invite you to consult the full version available on our site.

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