2018: A year in review and looking forward

This past year has been an incredible ride on the non-fungible wave, from our startup in March 2018, to partnerships and conference…

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This past year has been an incredible ride on the non-fungible wave, from our startup in March 2018, to partnerships and conference attendance, every event has been one to learn from. With 2018 soon behind us, we realize that we have not communicated many of the milestones and achievements we’ve accomplished while bootstrapping NonFungible.com.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We’ve made a few partnerships in 2018 that allows us to gain valuable feedback, be part of amazing teams, and best of all, improve the experience for users across several projects.


NFT.NYC is hosting a non-fungible focused conference, “Exploring the Non-Fungible Blockchain Ecosystem” on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, NYC. Hosted by Coin.Kred and OpenSea, this is sure to be an informative and fun event! We are proud to use our resources to provide statistical data and assist with marketing of the conference.

Please come check us out at NFT.NYC in February! We would love to meet you!


CoinGecko provides a 360-degree view of cryptocurrency and ERC20 token trading metrics. They are quickly giving competitors a run for their money and, they are part of the NonFungible Alliance! NonFungible.com and CoinGecko have established a collaborative partnership to provide NFT statistics for their quarterly cryptocurrency reports. Check out the Coingecko Q3 Crypto quarterly report on their website .

Coingecko – Q3 2018 Cryptocurrency report

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is building an MMORPG game using blockchain technology. Their focus on user experience and eliminating pay-to-win gaming are a winning combination. NonFungible.com and Ember Sword have established a marketing and strategic partnership. We hope to deploy an alpha version of a new product with Ember Sword integration in 2019 / 2020. Visit their website to learn more — 

NonFungible Alliance

NonFungible.com was among some of the first members to the alliance, now boasting over 75 members! Ran by 0xcert, the NonFungible Alliance is a place for non-fungible thinkers, enthusiasts, and creators to get early product access, gain exposure, add access to a large network for questions or advice. We are happy to be in a position to help token publishers and creators alike.

Conferences / Events

This was an exciting year for non-fungible tokens, and the events and conferences were no exception. We attended the World Blockchain Forum in NYC, the Blockchain Futurists Conference in Toronto, Canada, the Non-Fungible Summit in San Francisco, and the Malta Delta Summit in Malta.

We also had the opportunity to speak at 2 small events and look forward to presenting at the NFT.NYC event in February 2019. Check out the Cryptogoods Club: Taking Cryptogoods to the Mainstream by Gauthier

And to go even further, the event by StartupToken: What are NFTs?

Looking forward into 2019


With 2018 behind us and our core development completed, we look forward to launching the new version of NonFungible.com! The new frontend is polished and provides us with the space to expand and help serve the non-fungible token industry more effectively. Our new and improved backend makes it very easy for us to add new project market history and we look forward to getting back to adding projects on a regular basis. We’ve also provisioned and prepared much of the backed for a few new features like an NFT wallet and premium market analysis tools.

Upsizing NonFungible.com

Along with several new features on our roadmap, we plan on taking on an active role in several events, as speakers, partners, and maybe even as organizers! We are working with key partners to grow and eventually switching gears to work on NonFungible.com full-time. We will release more details about new collaboration projects to build tools and interactive experiences supporting NFT publishers.

Once again, thank you for your continued support! We look forward to a productive year of #buidl!

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