Skullys are reward-based digital collectibles featuring uniquely designed ghost pirate skulls on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect your favorite Skully and embark on a hunt for the loot. The location-based service (LBS) game allows players the ability to perform geo-flagging tasks to earn booty in the form of PO8 tokens. PO8 tokens can be redeemed for additional game accessories to unlock new powers, increasing the earning potential of each individual Skully. Geo-flagging is a feature allowing players to use real-time geo-data from a mobile device or computer to “check in” at various locations such as restaurants, coffee shops, stores, concerts, or anywhere on the go. Players are allowed a minimum of 3 times per day to geo-flag, and each flag pin must occur outside a 800m radius from the latest pin. The higher in ranking the Skullys moves up, the more geo-flagging opportunities will be available within a wider geographic area.

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