Define and determine the current market value of your NFT portfolio.


Ideate, strategize, price, and go-to-market with your own NFT project/platform.


Create and run a marketing campaign with our ad space, social media, blog, and newsletter.


NFT valuation is essential to understanding the contents and current value of your portfolio. The experts at NonFungible.com have been providing this service, with great success, for over a year now.

Our team of Market & Data Analysts is one of the most experienced in the world in the agnostic assessment of NFTs. We started the first NFT portfolio valuations in May 2020. We work with some of the largest NFT portfolios in the industry in an ongoing capacity; including $Whale Vault and Metapurse.

Your valuation will give you insights on your NFT collections, assets, and current market value of your portfolio. Your portfolio valuation can be a one-time assessment of your collection or an ongoing monthly, or quarterly service. Get in touch to begin your portfolio valuation.


No matter what stage your NFT project is in, you’ll find value in our consulting services.

You’ll have access to our entire team to brainstorm early ideas, strategize and finalize a minimum viable product, go-to-market with your project/platform, and fully understand what hardware, software, and protocols you’ll need to use to ensure your project is a success.

With a mix of business / strategic and technical consulting you can create a custom package that fits your needs. Learn more here.


You’ve got a message that you want a targeted, NFT-centric audience to receive. We can help.

Reaching the right audience is a key aspect of every marketing campaign. When you advertise with us you’ll reach an audience that is extremely targeted and includes creators, collectors, project leads, VPs, and CEOs, as well as media contacts.

Whether you’re looking for individual ad buys for banners and blogs, or want to purchase a comprehensive package that fits your marketing needs, we’re here to help. Our individual ad / sponsorship opportunities and tiered packages will ensure you have the perfect amount of exposure and visibility for your campaign.

Contact us to utilize our display space, blog, social media channels, and weekly newsletter to deliver your message to our audience. New drop coming up? Launching a project soon? Developing a game that’s going live next quarter? Get in touch.


Our data, insights, and information are used by some of the most reputable publications and brands in the world.
  • NonFungible was founded in 2018. We arrived in the industry long before the NFT hype.
  • Our NFT database is one of the most extensive and accurate in the ecosystem. We are constantly growing and improving our database; optimizing and adding side chains.
  • We are trusted globally. As the list of media and brands above emphasize, we love to provide insights on the marketplace and be actively involved with its growth and adoption across many different verticals.