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BakaArts Darius Puia also known as BakaArts is a 3D and 2D digital artist currently based in Germany who specializes in thought-provoking, fictional, dystopian and cyberpunk worlds. His artworks reflect fantastical “possibilities” that open the mind to an interesting future that hints at where mankind could be headed. He does colorful but also gritty artworks inspired by the likes of Akira, Matrix, Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner.

He has been doing digital artworks for 15 years. He started his art journey on YouTube as a 2D photoshop tutor where he gained an audience of 150,000 subscribers with his Photoshop tutorials which gained millions of views from many new artists hungry to learn. He then continued with 3D Designs on Instagram and Twitter where he is standing at an audience of over 100,000 Followers.

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