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PunkBabies are the illegitimate offspring of the OG Punks. Punks hooked up and attributes were mixed – producing 3840 unique human PunkBabies. Aliens, Apes and Zombies were paired up for breeding – producing an additional 60 PunkBabies. Finally one Alien was blessed with a child by immaculate conception!

Each PunkBaby also has a unique shirt color. The RGB color code of which is derived from it’s parents names by merging their respective 4 digit name and converting the resultant 8 digit decimal number to an RGB color code.

Some original attributes have been manipulated for the PunkBabies, e.g. a thermometer replaces a cigarette and mustaches are milk instead of hair. There are also some new attributes since PunkBabies are no different to real babies – they poo, vomit and get snotty noses!

PunkBabies are not affiliated with or endorsed by LarvaLabs.

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