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The final tournament of Blocklete Games first season is coming!

Here we are at the end of the Blocklete Golf season one Tournaments! What was the outcome and what will happen next?
Here we are at the end of the Blocklete Golf season one Tournaments! What was the outcome and what will happen next?

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All good things come to an end and such is the case with the first season of the Blocklete Golf Tournaments where many players have been able to experiment with their skills to get the little white ball into the hole!

To end this season in style, Blocklete Games offers a final Tournament with an overall prize of $10,000, enough to bring many players back into the game! 

Beyond the monetary aspect of the reward, there is a lot that’s happened in the world of Blocklete Games since their launch in April 2020. For example, in recent months the Turner Sports Team has stepped up initiatives with players in the Crypto-Art world to attract a different style of golfer.

Gradually approaching the Crypto-Gamer Community, Blocklete Games has also joined the Blockchain Game Alliance and can boast of having had continued support throughout its Tournaments.

ID blocklete

A summary in a few figures

First of all, let’s look back at this first season’s Tournament which, for the players, has proved to be as rich in events as in its technical challenges.

Since launch, Blocklete Golf has attracted 16,000 visitors back to its site with events, for both budding and more experienced golfers, offered each week. This robust Community regularly returned to test their ability and face the challenges offered by the mini Tournaments.

blocklete golf dapp tx

We counted the overall statistics of Blocklete Golf since their launch: 3745 transactions were carried out by 470 different addresses and generated $31,810. It is important to note that for this season, 2,000 golfers were minted and only 100 of them are left to be sold before the upcoming tournament!

Although these numbers seem low, it is important to put into perspective that the nature of the gameplay is not easy. Indeed, you need to have a keen interest in golf to be able to participate in the majority of Tournaments as the difficulty is quite high and it takes skill to obtain a high level of Blocklete.

New Tournaments

80% of players able were able to participate in at least one Tournament, resulting in a total of over 42,000 rounds being played in this first year of launch for Blocklete Golf.

20% of Blocklete buyers have therefore kept their golfers ready and waiting, its likely that the profiles of these buyers are closer to collectors than players!

Rare Legend Drop

Welcome artistic collaborations

One of the pleasant surprises of the end of the year was the opening up of Blocklete design to Crypto-Artists already known in the World. This touch of freshness brought to the Blockletes was very well received by the Community and opened the door to create a new indicator of value for virtual golfers.

The three Artists who have been selected to create designs unique to the Blockletes are Georgeboya, Tommy Wilson and Rare Designer (who was also the winner of our NFT Mascot challenge!). In all, there will be 50 golfers created by each Artist and just like preceding Blockletes, they will have a certain level of rarity.

This intersection between the artistic and video game segments is starting to become a trend for NFTs in 2021 and Blocklete Games seems to be one of the first to realize this!

Blocklete Golf Crypto-Golfer

All legendary level golfers were priced around 1 ETH at the time of sale, but rest assured, it is still possible to get less rare at more affordable prices.

Plus, even though Ethereum is on the rise as of writing, marketplace prices are fixed in dollars so you won’t have to worry about outrageous prices to get your Blocklete.

Of course IT IS expected that Blocklete Golf will continue these artistic partnerships with other Artists from the Community in future!

Georgeboya Legend Golfers

A last tournament to conclude this first season

To conclude this season, Blocklete Games put as a prize $10,000 for the first 100 of the Tournament.

This sum is not insignificant and represents the total price for the entire first season. This generous sum will therefore be made available to the best players from the second week of January. 

Suffice to say that starting Thursday Jan 14, 2021 at Noon (12pm) EST, the battle will begin raging between players to discover who will get first place and take home the winnings! For the occasion, a new field has been created incorporating all the experiences carried out so far to perfect the playing experience, getting as close as possible to a real field.

There are still around a hundred golfers you can purchase on the marketplace to participate, so read our previous article on the different characteristics to remember how to choose your golfer!

This article will help you make the best possible choice between the stamina or composure needed to last as many rounds as possible and increase your chances of winning!


It seems that the Blocklete Golf course in Crypto-Gaming was a first encounter that was rich in meetings for the team of Turner Sports and fortunately not the last! Little by little, they have managed to make more and more contacts and above all, better understand expectations of the players.

This first season finale will therefore be spread over a full week and promises to have seasoned participants in the top of the standings.

The sequence of events also promises to be increasingly rich in content: indeed one of the most anticipated features is announced! This concerns the Blocklete training which will be available and allows your golfers to level up without sending them onto the course.

If you have already well-trained golfers, this will also be the time to make them available to train younger players.

Of course, new routes are expected and another surprise is announced: having professional equipment to better kit out your players. Enough to make gameplay ever more complete for this game full of promise!

Follow Blocklete Games on Twitter or watch their website for more information and announcements!

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