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Gods Unchained and the Trial of the Gods

On the occasion of the 15 new cards added for the second weekend of the tournament, let’s take a look back on the updates of the game since our last article!
On the occasion of the 15 new cards added for the second weekend of the tournament, let’s take a look back on the updates of the game since our last article!


We wrote an article on Gods Unchained last year to showcase its different features. At the time, only Genesis cards were on the blockchain and could be traded on secondary markets. Core cards were only used to collect and add to your deck.

Since the game has known many changes and updates! An integrated marketplace, a card fusion system, a redesigned weekly ranking, new cards in the game and many more…

If you’ve never played the game, we recommend watching this introductory video that explains the basics of gameplay:

Fuse & Flux

One of the major and eagerly awaited changes is the ability to merge Core cards! These cards can be obtained through packs earned when you level up or by participating in weekly or weekends tournaments.

When you have duplicate “Plain” cards, you can now merge them to raise them to a higher quality level.

What is it for? Well, “minting” them on the blockchain and therefore in your gaming portfolio! You can then sell them directly on the marketplace of the game or a secondary market.

To achieve this, you will have to deserve it! Being able to merge your cards will cost you “Flux” and the only way to get this energy will be through victories over your opponents. When you come out the winner with your favorite deck, your “Gauntlet of the Gods” will fill with a star and you will accumulate feed up three wins day chosen by God.

After three victories, you will have to play with another god if you want to continue accumulating Flux! This counter will be reset every day.

Depending on the level of rarity of the cards you want to merge, the flux cost will vary.  You will realize in periods when the gas is very expensive that the function is disabled, so feel free to cumulate a maximum!


Since the launch, two ranking systems determine your level in the game:

  • The “Weekly Constructed Deck”, which is based on your number of weekly wins
  • The “Week-end Tournament”, which is based on your number of wins in a row over the weekend

The first classification will reward you according to your victories accumulated in the week with packs. As long as you accumulate victories, you will receive reward packs so don’t hesitate to play and don’t be afraid of losing!

Here are the different classes:

  1. Rusted Bronze 
  2. Purified Bronze 
  3. Rusted Iron 
  4. Purified Iron 
  5. Impact Meteorite 
  6. Astral Meteorite 
  7. Twilight Shadow 
  8. Midnight Shadow 
  9. Auric Gold 
  10. Solar Gold 
  11. Ethereal Diamond 
  12. Mythic 

The higher your rank, the better the reward! 

On the other hand, simply combine 4 losses before reaching the next row to be demoted to the previous row. Unless you manage to get two wins to protect yourself! So, do not hesitate to change your tactics if you see that you are chaining defeats!

If you want to check where you rank in the ranking, don’t hesitate to take a look at one of the dedicated sites,!


Sanctum is one of the centerpieces of the game. During your duel, you will receive favor points when you kill an opponent’s card while keeping your own or when you attack the opposing god. These points can be used to summon a card from the sanctuary, which will be more or less expensive depending on its cost in Mana.

Clearly, a card drawn from the sanctuary can tip the scales in your favor because the cards that are available are not necessarily drawn from your initial deck. You can find a Nature card there while playing with a Light deck!

There is therefore a whole new section of strategy to develop because if you can be tempted by a card which seems interesting to you, it is sometimes sometimes better to wait. For example, you can wait until your opponent has used a more interesting card when it is your turn. You can also choose a card to prevent your opponent from using it against you!

Trial of the Gods

To understand why you are fighting, the Immutable team has done a great job on the storyboard! The name of this update is about the history of the 6 gods and why they are in conflict.

Each of them will have to send their champion to perform different tests so that justice is done between Thaeriel (Light), Elyrian (Magic), Ludia (Deception), Auros (War), Malissus (Death) and Aeona (Nature). If the story of these characters interests you, don’t hesitate to look on the blog why this trial takes place and after what events…

Since May 29, 15 cards have been added to the Sanctum which are taken directly from the next set in “Trial of the Gods”. You will therefore have the opportunity to discover these new cards, their power and how to place them in the game!

They are just a preview of the 150 cards that will be added later when the expansion will be released. Remember that just like Genesis cards, there will be a period of re-balancing of cards soon after their release.

This means that the statistics you see in this document are not final, some may be deleted and others, added.


The work provided by the Immutable team is always of the same high quality and the game is built with and for its community.

I found that the sanctuary is a true game changer! Being able to adapt your behavior during the game by predicting which card to use on the next round offers real strategic possibilities!

Also, the graphic improvements of the game are a real pleasure on the eyes! The arena has been redesigned, the timer is shining, the back of the cards can be changed…

The way the gameplay evolves is very welcome to continue to strengthen the bond between the players and the Gods Unchained team. Regular analyzes and statistics of the use of the game, do not hesitate to consult them!

Which cards are the most sought after, which strategy is predominant… each of this information allows us to see more clearly about the psychology that surround the players. And in fact, will allow you to better anticipate the strategies to adopt based on behavioral changes over time.

Today, the integrated Marketplace allows you to exchange decorative elements such as your game board but also the back of your cards or even amulets.

Feel free to go check information on our Market History about their prices so you can compare with different marketplace that you will find elsewhere in the game!

We can’t wait for the update to be complete to continue enjoying new gaming experiences!

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