A mission through the Decentraland beta

We had the chance to discover the landscapes and experiences offered by the most anticipated metaverse of the year: Decentraland! Are you eager to see the metaverse? We are!

Which NFTs have consistently gained value this year?

Did you buy blockchain video game assets / NFTs this year? Wondering how has their value has evolved? Which assets are likely to continue to gain value?

Towards supporting 1000's of NFT projects.

How are we planning to support thousands of projects and what your project can do to ensure effortless inclusion on our platform and others’. Following the ERC721 standard is a good start.

S1 2019 - Overview of the blockchain gaming markets

What were the trends for the first six months of 2019? How did the blockchain video game market grow? Has it followed 2018 trends?

NonFungible Heroes #4: Robby Yung from Animoca Brands

Robby shares his vision of crypto gaming with us, discusses the challenges of massive adoption of NFT games, and recalls the key role of IP in the current gaming ecosystem.

Philip Mohr2019-08-21
Enjin (over) hype?

What about the Enjin phenomenon? Is this the future of blockchain gaming or an isolated and temporary event? What is the impact of this parallel standard (ERC-1155 vs. ERC-721) on the NFT ecosystem?

NonFungible Heroes #3: Rene Schmidt from Chainbreakers

Rene talks about building and utilizing interoperable NFT assets within Chainbreakers, an RPG experience and ecosystem enabling a play-to-earn model as a launch title for Decentraland.

Philip Mohr2019-08-07