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We’ve joined forces with Polyient Labs!

2020-06-06 joins Polyient Labs' incubator program to refine our position as the industry leader in non-fungible token and blockchain gaming data analytics.

We are excited to share that we have officially joined Polyient Labs’ incubator program. Polyient Labs is an early startup incubation vehicle focused on blockchain technology and more recently launched the Polyient Games arm which is focused entirely on non-fungible token technology and blockchain gaming.

After speaking with the Polyient team over several months, discussing our goals, business model, philosophical alignments, and following up with past and present portfolio companies, we were finally faced with what should have been an easy decision from the beginning. We are so excited to be embraced by Polyient’s expertise in the blockchain business ecosystem and look forward to building the foundations of the NFT and blockchain gaming industry with them.

By joining Polyient Labs, not only are we joining a incubator with a strong team behind us, we are joining a new and growing network of strong projects with track record and passion for the NFT space. We look forward to working with everyone to explore how we can leverage each others’ experience and resources under a common goal of pushing the limits of non-fungible token technology, creating a more accountable society for future generations.

For our users and existing customers, this means that you will benefit from our accelerated and prioritized feature developments, enhanced quality and effectiveness of our communication, as well as tools and services better suited to your needs. Polyient Lab’ provides the tools, resources, and experience necessary to align ourselves better with market demands, separating the signal from the noise, while we can focus more on building a robust and inclusive blockchain gaming data platform for researchers, traders, and investors.

The best is yet to come! We can’t wait to show you all the amazing things we’ll build up together thanks to our dedicated team and the precious help of Polyient Labs. See you soon!

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