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From Pixel to Block: Pathfinders

In the Enjin family, one of the newest arrivals is Pathfinders. We were able to access the closed beta in order to test the different features of the game!


One of the newest members of the Enjin family is Pathfinders, a game developed by the InFocus Games’ studio. Like many projects, the launch of the beta has been postponed due to technical issue but we were able to open the doors of the Colosseum to see how the game looks!

After a week of stress-testing and a lot of decimated monsters, the servers shut down so the team can fix the bugs. Here’s a little feedback:

Quick specs:

Pathfinders Founder Token

This token, the cornerstone of Enjin-stamped games, was not very well defined by developers when they were released for sale or donated by giveaways. In short, this token allows you to receive random bonuses simply by keeping it in your wallet.

Concerning Pathfinders, the sales strategy of this token is daring to say the least! Indeed it costs $80 and even if it allows you to get bonuses during the game, it is still very expensive!

Here are (for the moment) the bonuses given by this Founder Token:

  • 50% in-game drop boost on loot
  • Monthly airdrop (stackable)
  • 10% EXP boost in account levelling, character levelling and enchant chance
  • Small stat boost for every character you own (this will be tweaked so it doesn’t imbalance the game too much)
  • Ability to loan your single or multiple Pathfinder Founder Tokens (PFT) to other players for a fee (future implementation)
  • A small boost is given to your ‘Clash Of The Aces’ account (currently in discussion)
  • 4 limited edition character skins.
  • Total PFT supply of 530–500 available will be available in the Enjin Marketplace and 30 will be used for future promotions and giveaways
  • 10% discount on all future Pathfinders sales (up to a maximum of $50 savings per month)

Unless specified, all benefits listed above are NON-stackable.

You have to bet on the success of the game so that the bonuses really benefit you during the game.

The assets

Currently, there are two ways to obtain in-game assets:

  • Buy them from the official store
  • Get them by beating bosses

In the game, assets are mostly characters and weapons, embodied by ERC-1155 tokens (Non-fungible tokens).


At the core of your strategy, you have the choice of a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. Here is a list of some weapons and their characteristics:

Sulfactor with a lot of ammunition, medium damage, very long reloading time

Machine gun with a medium magazine, medium damage, medium reload time

Machine gun with a slightly larger magazine than the Cataclysm Rifle, medium damage, fast reload time.

Shotgun containing two bullets, low damage (unless the enemy is very close), medium reload time

Lasergun with medium charger, increasing damage with each critical hit, medium reload time


A list (not yet complete) can be found on their official website so that you can get an overview of the powers that will be waiting for you in future updates.


For the moment to test the game and its gameplay, only the “Colosseum” arena is open. The goal is simple: to welcome waves of monsters whose sole purpose is to kill you.

There are boxes of ammunition, grenades or health supplies that appear in three different places in the arena to help you survive the attacks.

As the game is in the test phase, there is no other game modes available yet! 


One of the promises of an NFT Enjin is that it can be used in several games at once. This is the case of Pathfinders’ NFTs, which were considered for later use in “Clash of the Aces”, an arena PVP scheduled for 2023.


Because of this very early version, it is difficult to make an objective statement about the quality of the game. Because even though many bugs still need to be fixed, there is also the whole balance of damage, AI and character characteristics that can be reviewed at any time.

Like many Crypto / Blockchain games, it is the feedback from the gaming community that is forging the rules of the game. Which is rather reassuring, because at first glance, apart from the Non-Fungible Token, nothing is stored on the blockchain. 

For a first experience, it was still enjoyable, so if you like Hack’n’Slash, this game is made for you!

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