Here is our new blog!

We are thrilled to present you our completely new blog and the possibilities offered by this new platform!


At we have always considered that informing the community and the mainstream is one of our main duties. We have taken this responsibility very seriously since the creation of our Medium account in March 2018.

15 months and 30 articles later, we took the decision to migrate our content and our editorial activity directly to the website, to gradually leave Medium in favor of our self-hosted blog.

Why self-hosting our blog ?

Medium as a platform has been an incredible channel for all these months to share our analysis and articles with you guys and anyone interested in the #BUIDL dimension of the Blockchain.

However, as time went by, we were gradually facing the limitations of Medium, which led us to think about a space of expression where we could adapt the frame according to our needs (rich media, interactive content, iframe, Panorama,…). The only limits in the content and format that we propose will now be our imagination.

In addition, Medium’s Paywall system involved our content in a business model that was far too ROI focused, which did not necessarily fit with our conception of content creation.

What’s the difference?

Regarding the access to our articles nothing will change except the URL. Our articles will continue to be published at a pace of approximately one per week. We will continue to include our articles in our official Newsletter : “NFT Weekly News” to propose you exclusive game reviews, market analysis, interviews of NFT heroes, …

However, we will soon offer you the opportunity to be part of the adventure and to contribute your personal editorial content. Via the “Become a writer” button, you can send us your articles so that they can be published on the blog and the official newsletter, after validation by the team.

Are you a hardcore fan of NFTs, a newbie, you just discovered an incredible game, or on the contrary want to share an unhappy experience?

What are you waiting for? The blog is your platform!
PS: The whole team is working hard on new structural features for the project … we will tell you more soon! Wait for it, it’s gonna be legen…”wait for it -I hope you are not lactose intolerant – dairy” 😉

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