Build in Decentraland with Drag’n’Drop and win Cryptos and LANDs

You thought that building a 3D virtual world on the Blockchain was complicated? Well, it will be a child's play soon


You thought that building a 3D virtual world on the Blockchain was complicated? Well, it will be a child’s play soon, thanks to the latest version of Decentraland’s Scene Builder which allows you to build on your parcels with a simple drag and drop.

It sounds cool. But how did it work before?

Before? It had to have solid notions of A-Frame, or master Blender on the fingertips!

So before making scenes like those presented below, you had to spend a bunch of hours there. Only good 3D designers or developers were able to make such scenes:

How will the Scene Builder work?

You will have a whole catalog of objects, furniture tools, and textures that you will be able to select in a menu, once you’ve selected the object, you’ll just have to drag and drop it on your LAND.

As a video will always be worth a thousand words, here is a demo released by the Decentraland development team:

If you want to know more about it, we recommend you to read this amazing article published by Decentraland team explaining how the new Scene Builder will exactly work.

Awesome! Can I already use it?

Yes totally ! To illustrate the ease of use of its new scene editor, Decentraland organizes a contest open to everyone.

The contest is accessible at this address: and will start at the beginning of March for a duration of 2 weeks!

In the meantime, prepare your imagination and your cryptocurrency wallet, because amazing gratifications are at stake.

A full package of 900,000 MANA (just over $ 36,000) and 50 LAND to win!

For the 5 best scenes

  • First place: 200 000 MANA ($ 8 000) + 1 LAND
  • Second place: 150 000 MANA ($ 6 000) + 1 LAND
  • Third place: 100 000 MANA ($ 4 000) + 1 LAND
  • Fourth place: 50 000 MANA ($ 2 000) + 1 LAND
  • Fifth place: 25 000 MANA ($ 1 000) + 1 LAND

The next 45 scenes will each receive 7,500 MANA ($ 300) and a LAND!

Every single scene submitted that meets the minimum quality standards, as set by the panel of judges, will be rewarded with 100 MANA.

So what are you waiting for to register ? 🙂

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