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Wearables are specific NFT collectibles backed by in-game skins. These NFT clothes and accessories can be traded on digital marketplaces and ‘worn’ by your avatar in the metaverse.

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In 2020, wearables were mainly tied to individual worlds, though cross-platform interoperability is being explored and will surely be a development soon enough. As things stand, wearables are a growing part of the NFT sector with a strong ratio between Primary and Secondary Markets sales attracting investors and collectors alike.

Wearables X Metaverse

Customization of  avatars in online games have always existed. The importance of personalizing your digital identity has continued to grow as massively multiplayer games and social networks have developed.

In metaverses like Voxels or Decentraland it is possible to buy and sell clothes or customizing elements of your avatar via NFTs. That said, there is very little NFT compatibility between multiple metaverses.

For example, a cap created for The Sandbox is not presently able to be warn in Decentraland. Interoperability between projects is progressing, though the necessary standards to coordinate different NFT actors is vigorously discussed.

Blockchain metaverses have explored different ways to create and monetize the sale of wearables. For instance, Voxels is a voxel-based world in which users can create and mint their own wearables with relative simplicity. The Voxels Wearables Market is packed with every conceivable kind of wearable style and quality you can imagine with relatively low prices for most items, except for the work of the most well-known and desirable creators.

On the other hand, in Decentraland the process of making wearables requires a high level of technical skill. Also, the ability to deploy wearables in Decentraland has been more controlled, firstly wearables were only licensed to established, knowledgeable community members and then more recently to those whose designs are approved  via the Decentraland wearables committee.

Wearables: Status and Sense of Style

Purple RTFKT x Atari Sneakers in Decentraland
Purple RTFKT x Atari Sneakers in Decentraland

Wearables reflect a personal status when visible in-world and in your wallet. It isn’t just the most expensive outfit that counts though… The standout looks and styles that individuals create from a combination of wearables gain as much respect, if not more, than an avatar wearing a full, pre-bought outfit even if it is a super rare and expensive set.

At the same time, having participated in a brand’s launch event and being rewarded with a wearable (such as a pair of RTFKT Sneakers X Atari sneakers) leaves an unforgettable memory for the users. Years later, this pair of shoes will still exist and its owner will be certain of its provenance. If a person received these sneakers at the event and never sold them, the blockchain would be able to confirm this information!

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