Decentraland and the Metaverse Fashion Week

We regularly visit Decentraland to observe the events and evolution of this metaverse, what are the changes since our last visit?

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The last time we reported on what was going on in Decentraland was to celebrate the first Metaverse Festival. For several days, hundreds of artists were able to produce exclusive concerts for the metaverse.

Today, the occasion is Metaverse Fashion Week, Decentraland organized another major event: the first metaverse fashion week! Several big names and luxury brands are exhibiting their latest digital creations and to present the future of wearables in the metaverse.

Global overview of the Decentraland evolution

Before presenting the first version of a 3.0 fashion show, let’s take a look back at the latest evolutions of Decentraland. We’ve been able to appreciate the choice between day and night, but other improvements have appeared. The entire user menu interface has been redesigned and it’s now possible to see the different events, your inventory and your contacts even faster.

But other elements are interesting to see, including the evolution of the buildings.

decentraland beta random buildings

Around the Genesis Plaza, the buildings no longer resemble those that can be easily built from the Decentraland Builder. Several professions have developed during 2021, including metaverse architect. The result is very telling, all the buildings of the official projects (such as Kraken, Known Origin, Coca Cola or SuperRare) have all created particular 3D designs.

The Aquarium: a Decentralized Casino

decentraland aquarium
Decentraland – The Aquarium

During our visit, one of Decentraland’s interactive activities are its casinos. One of many casinos in Decentraland is called The Aquarium and offers you the ability to play Roulette or Black Jack while participating with other players.

Here, the currency to play is the FREE, a token that cannot be exchanged. The only way to win is to stay in the casino area in order to receive it for free. Of course, it’s also possible to earn FREE by playing the different games.

decentraland aquarium black jack
Decentraland – The Aquarium black jack

Regularly, as with the other casinos several tournaments are held to allow participants to win prizes such as Decentral Games NFTs or sometimes crypto rewards.

Metaverse Fashion Week

fashion week decentraland building
Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland – Main Building

This event is one of the first of its kind in Decentraland. Combining a conference of well-known personalities of this industry and an exhibition, Metaverse Fashion Week echoes the event that travels to cities around the world every year.

In the different floors of the buildings reserved for the event, it is possible to recognize well-known names such as Kark Lagarfeld who made an NFT drop last year.

fashion week decentraland wearable Karl Lagerfeled
Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland – Karl Lagerfeld

But when we go upstairs, other names and works await us. The Vogue Foundation, the artist Ourobouros or Kid Super… so many exhibited works that make it possible to highlight what announces a future trend in virtual worlds: the personalization of your avatar.

fashion week decentraland wearable
Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland – Wearable

Several unique pieces are on sale to the public for the duration of the event, auguring for the future of a dedicated fashion store in Decentraland?

More Events and Experiences to Come

With the impressive evolution of the NFT ecosystem in 2021, the number of experiences and events related to major real-world brands will surely continue to be implemented in the future.

Sotheby’s already has its own building to organize auctions, all crypto exchanges also have theirs and bought an estate to install an entire shopping center.

This kind of signal suggests that if last year was the year of investments for all these players, the coming years will be the year of project development for new investors and the public!

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